10 Romantic Date Night Ideas

Having a list of 10 romantic date night ideas at your disposal is always a good idea.  With such a lengthy list, you will always be prepared to impress. Also, it is a good idea to continually inject new and creative events into your relationship; this prevents it from growing boring and stale. So, the next time you want to do something a bit romantic, take a hint from this list of ten romantic date night ideas.  

  1. Gaze at the stars. The idea of star gazing instantly conjures up images of romance. You can go to the roof of your home, or to the country side to get away from the city lights. Either way, pack a bottle wine, a blanket, and a few light snacks. 
  2. Set the mood. Romance is more about the mood than the setting. So, crack open a bottle of wine, play some jazzy tunes, turn the lights down low, and then talk and laugh by candle light. 
  3. Take flight in a balloon. If you really want to get your dates blood pumping, then consider renting time in a hot air balloon. This is a fantastic and romantic date night idea. 
  4. Go uptown. Hey, those upscale restaurants charge a lot of money for a reason.  They are both romantic and impressive. So, open your wallet up and take her out for a fine dining experience. 
  5. Picnic at sunset, or breakfast at sunrise. The setting and rising sun has been inspiring couples to sit close, snuggle, and kiss since, well, the beginning of time. 
  6. Set sail on the high seas. Boating is great fun; and, it can be romantic, especially if you have access to a sailboat. So make her swoon, with a day or evening out on the water. 
  7. Heat up the oven. You can make her dinner, or practice cooking together. Either way this romantic date night idea is sure to get the fires going. 
  8. Sit by the fire. Outdoors, indoors, it does not really matter.  Just light a fire in the fireplace, and simultaneously ignite a spark in your hearts.
  9. Travel by carriage. Another awesome and romantic date night idea is taking her for a horse drawn carriage ride.  It really is a unique experience that will most certainly make her girlfriends jealous. 
  10. Go to a concert in the park.  Blankets, music, wine, and snacks; this is definitely a winning romantic date idea combination. 
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