10 Romantic Ideas For Couples

Here are 10 romantic ideas for couples. Sometimes a relationship can become a little flat and a couple needs some good ideas to brighten it up. This is normal and it is something that the couple needs to work on to keep the momentum going. These ten romantic ideas for couples will give you a head start on keeping the relationship well tuned.

  1. Hidden notes. It is always a pleasant surprise to find a love note. Love notes can be tucked away in purses, lunch bags, brief cases, refrigerators and most anything else.
  2. Middle of the day phone calls. It’s nice to know your loved one is thinking about you. Just a quick call can say a lot.
  3. Cruises. A cruise is a very romantic idea for couples. There are many things to do on a cruise. In fact, just being out to sea on the ship with one another is a romantic scenario in itself.
  4. Romantic vacations. A couple could check into a fine hotel in a romantic city, like Paris. Or, rent a cabin on a lake and spend time alone together.
  5. Candlelight dinners. Going out to a fine restaurant for a nice dinner is another one of the best romantic ideas for couples. A couple can also do this at home.
  6. Share a love story. Watching a good movie about love and relationships is a great idea. Get over it guys, the chicks will love you for it.
  7. Go for a swim on the beach. Find an empty beach and go for a nude swim on a starry night. The romance will likely take its course.
  8. Renew your wedding vows. If you are a married couple, consider renewing your wedding vows on an anniversary. It may be the most romantic idea you’ve had in a long time.
  9. Picnics. Pack a picnic basket and go to a park, beach or somewhere outdoors where there are few or no other people.
  10. Stay home from work. A great romantic idea for couples is to take a day off. Call in sick and spend the morning together flirting, making love, cuddling by a fireplace and spoiling each other.
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