10 Romantic Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

Are you looking for 10 romantic ideas for long distance relationships? Look no further, this article will provide you with 10 romantic ideas for long distance relationships to keep the flame burning and the loneliness away. It's important to remember that it's the thought that counts–this is especially true for long distance relationships. It's always great to keep your mind open to new ideas and it's also important to keep creativity in mind while thinking of romantic gestures for your loved one so far away.

  1. Share your belongings. This is a great romantic idea for long distance relationships. Just because you can't be with your sweetie physically doesn't mean that some of your personal belongings can't be with them. Send a shirt with your scent, a pillow case with your scent, photos and other belongings that have some meaning.
  2. Create a mixed tape. You should actually create a CD or even go old school and wait by the radio and record songs that remind you of your love. Waiting by the radio just to hear a song that reminds you of your sweetheart is a incredibly romantic idea for long distance relationships. This just lets her know she's on your mind. Whatever the case, don't just create a list of songs and send it to her. Take the time to record it onto something so she can instantly listen to it.
  3. Have a dinner date over the phone. If you can't go on a date, that doesn't mean you can't pick up the phone and order a pizza long distance for your sweetie and pay for it with a credit card. Have it delivered the same time as your own food and call your sweetie. Enjoy the pizza over the phone together!
  4. Write love notes. Personal hand written love notes are a nice romantic idea for long distance relationships. It gives a personal heartfelt touch. You could even spray the note with your own cologne.
  5. Play games together online. If you can't really play Scrabble with your sweetie, you can online. Connect via webcam and watch each other's expressions over who gets the best word in.
  6. Watch a movie together. There are many advantages to the internet, including webcams and screen sharing that are powerful tools you can use in long distance relationships. You can watch a movie with your sweetheart by using a screen sharing program and watch each other watching the film.
  7. Leave a sweet voicemail just because. Another romantic idea for long distance relationships is to leave a sweet voicemail just because you can. If you are thinking of your lover, why not express it at that moment? It's a gesture that is so simple but so powerful.
  8. Read books together. If you are both book lovers, why not read to each other? It's incredibly romantic if you are reading a love novel to your sweetheart. You can even take turns reading and pause to discuss the book.
  9. Create a love blog. This is great for long distance relationships. You can blog to each other about your struggles, your feelings, how much you miss each other and even about your experience dealing with the distance for other couples struggling through the same situation.
  10. Save every memento. This is extremely romantic to save every memory of your relationship. If you can't meet but twice a month or even a year, save every receipt, pay stub or whatnot to create a scrapbook. Save it for another time you meet and remember that time together all over again.
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