10 Romantic Movie Couples

Movies provide a stress release and source of entertainment from everyday life, and nothing is better than a sappy romantic movie filled with the top 10 romantic movie couples.  So for those in love with love, romantic movies are the perfect complement for entertainment.

  1. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in "Ghost"  Patrick and Demi make a brilliant example of onscreen romantic movie couples in the classic movie "Ghost".  When a tragic shooting befalls the duo very early on in the movie, this touches the souls of the viewers.  As Swayze communicates with Moore through interactions from the supporting actress Whoopi Goldberg, the two realize their true love for each other. 
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in "Titanic"  When a low class, wild boy (DiCaprio) captures the heart of a upper class and engaged women (Winslet) that is way out of his league the audience is captivated by the love that bonds a couple aboard the largest and most talked about ship of all time. 
  3. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in "Sleepless in Seattle"  Coming in third on the top ten romantic movie couples is the love story between Hanks and Ryan in "Sleepless in Seattle".  This is a sweet and lovely tale of two complete strangers falling in love in peculiar circumstances as Hanks' character pours his heart out on the radio about the love he head for his deceased wife, while Ryan's character listens in from across the country.  
  4. Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman in "While You Were Sleeping"  The fourth spot in the top ten romantic movie couples is the unlikely story of Lucy (Bullock) and Jack (Pullman).  In this adorable movie, Bullock mistakenly is assumed to be the fiance of a rich and attractive man with a very welcoming and clueless family.  While the man remains in a coma, the family openly welcomes her into their lives and connection forms between the man's brother (Pullman) and her.
  5. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in "When Harry Met Sally"  The couple has a connection aboard a flight, but the two seem more like friends than a romantic couple.  Then, over time, the two continually meet each other when the timing is just not quite right for either of them.  It is truly a story of two friends realizing that they have deeper feelings for each other.
  6. Shane West and Mandy Moore in "A Walk to Remember"  This couple easily makes the list of the top ten romantic movie couples because it is a true story of the bad boy falling for the good girl.  West is a bad boy with a bad reputation, whereas Moore is a clean cut, preacher's daughter that does not care what others think of her.  As the film develops, the audience realizes that they were made for each other, and their love has a divine purpose.
  7. Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas in "Sweet Home Alabama" Witherspoon is a small town girl that ran away from Alabama to the fast paced city life, but when her new love asks for her hand in marriage, she must return to Alabama to formally end a marriage to Lucas, her hometown sweetheart. 
  8. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in "50 First Dates"  When Sandler and Barrymore meet at a local restaurant in Hawaii, Sandler has no clue that Barrymore has a memory defect that will not allow her to remember anything beyond a certain date.
  9. Steve Carell and Catherine Keener in the "40 Year Old Virgin"  For Carell, love and success with women have not come easy.  He has no clue how to move to the next level with women, which makes for a solitary life until he meets Keener.
  10. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman"  No list of the top ten romantic movie couples is complete without Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.  When a high class man hires a hooker to pose as his love interest for social status, no one expects the two to fall in love and find a true connection, but Roberts and Gere are a true movie screen match made in heaven. 
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