10 Romantic Songs For Weddings

The 10 romantic songs for weddings has special meanings that every bride and groom can relate to. If you are planning a wedding and want a beautiful intro down the aisle or slow dance at the reception, any of these songs will help your cause.

  1. "Just the Way You Are" Billy Joel. This songs makes the list of one of the 10 romantic songs for weddings. This describes what every man feels about his woman and loving every good quality as well as accepting her flaws. The songs shows when a man is in love, everything about his woman is perfect.
  2. "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" Andy Gibb. The title says it all in this classic tune. A perfect wedding song to dance to and perfect for all grooms to serenade to his bride while he looks her in the eye and expresses his love.
  3. "You & I"  Stevie Wonder. This wedding song has a beautiful melody and explains the way a man feels about his bride. This emotional song can make everyone shed a tear or two and fall in love, especially if you are single.
  4. "So Much in Love" All 4 One. The emotional lyrics are very romantic which are a must have at weddings. All 4 One sings with depth of emotion and it deserves to be one of the top songs to bring happy tears to any man.
  5. "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" Aerosmith. Rockers have their soft side and Aerosmith showed it with this successful hit song. Every woman loves to hear their man does not want to miss a thing as he stands by her side forever.
  6. "Unchained Melody" Righteous Brothers. A timeless wedding song that perfectly describes the way a man feels for his woman. It's a beautiful song with tenderness and emotion. The wedding guests will feel the love as well.
  7. "Always and Forever" Heatwave. If you want wedding songs that captures heart, emotion and passion, Heatwave's "Always and Forever" is the song. This song fills a couple with love that you cannot describe with words.
  8. "Angel" Robin Thicke. A touching wedding song to dedicate to your woman that makes her feels like a beautiful angel. Robin Thicke did justice to this masterpiece and it forever remains the top wedding songs.
  9. "Take My Breath Away" Berlin. This wedding song is perfect for slow dancing and setting the mood of love. Berlin sings this song with raw passion and sets the tone for the lovers out there.
  10. "The Way You Look Tonight" Frank Sinatra. This is the classic wedding song, "The Way You Look Tonight". An amazing jazz song, fit for every wedding and fitting for newlyweds to dance the night away.
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