10 Romantic Things To Tell Your Girlfriend

What are 10 romantic things to tell your girlfriend. Honestly, there's thousands of romantic things you can say to your woman. Then, there's thousands of variations to those thousands of romantic things you could say to your girlfriend. It really depends on the type of girl you're dealing with. One girl may think one thing is romantic, while another girl may need to hear some different choice words to think you're being romantic. There are however, certain themes that are considered to be universally romantic. If you don't have ten specifically romantic things to tell your girlfriend, use these themes as a foundation. Then all you have to do is add specific elements to relate them to your girl.

  1. How alluring she is. Don't be an idiot and say "Damn baby you so fine". Speak to her about how her presence draws you close to her. Act as if you have no control, as if she has this power over you. It has nothing to do with superficial beauty, but something deeper. Deep is romantic.
  2. She's your calm. The world can suck. Everyone knows this. But, tell her that she's your calm in the middle of a storm. Imagine how romantic of a thing it is to be someone's source of peace in a constant warring existence. Women eat this kind of romantic stuff up.
  3. Soul mates. As silly as this may sound to some, it is a very romantic thing to say. You guys are cosmically connected. Destiny brought you together. Some divine power put you on the planet for her, and vice versa.
  4. She has your heart. There's no real explanation needed for this one. To control someone's emotions is to control them. Telling her she has your heart means you care more about her than you do yourself. How romantic is that?
  5. A simple "I love you". As long as you say this with some feeling in your voice and a sincerity in your eyes, this is still one of the most romantic things you could tell your woman. Sometimes simple is the best way. Saying "I love you" is the proof of that.
  6.  Target specific things she doesn't like. If she's uncomfortable about a specific part of her body, make it seem like you love that very place. Just think of how romantic she'll feel when you can love the part of her she hates the most? You should be taking notes.
  7. Her eyes. Even if she doesn't have the deep blue colored eyes. Even if they're not hazel or chestnut. There's beauty in all eyes. Make sure she knows you think her eyes rock.
  8. Her mind. Women hear they're beautiful all the time. Many times, however, guys forget to compliment their brains. Don't make the same mistake. Be romantic by playing up her noodle.
  9. Her lips. Once again, her lips may not look like Angelina Jolie's. She probably knows this. But, if you can get her to believe they're the sexiest lips you've ever tasted, do it. Brother, now you're playing with real romantic fire.
  10. Something incredibly obscure. Find something about her that she doesn't even realize about herself. Be it a mannerism, a mole, even a mark she doesn't know about. Find something and tell her about it. She'll think you've just said the most romantic thing in history just because you've paid so much attention to her details.
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