10 Romantic Weekend Getaway Ideas

Are you looking for ten romantic weekend getaway ideas? You came to the right place! No matter how long you've been in a relationship, sometimes you need to spice things up. Taking a romantic weekend away will give you a new outlook on life and your relationship.

  1. Staycation. When money is short the best romantic weekend is when you stay in bed all weekend. Turn off all your electronics. Make sure you stock up on your favorite food and drinks. If you have kids, send them to someone else's house for the weekend. Spend the weekend in bed and lounging around the house getting to know each other again.
  2. Snow. Go to a ski and snowboard resort for a beautiful winter getaway. Even if you don't ski or snowboard, spending time watching the snowfall while you sit in front of the fireplace is a great foundation for romance.
  3. Beach. Hop on a plane and head to Mexico. Since it's closer to the equator, it's almost always beach weather. You can spend the days shopping, exploring Mayan ruins or just laying in bed together. Walking by the water and drinking tropical drinks sets the stage for romance.
  4. Winery. There are wineries in every state in America! Find an area you can drive to with a few wineries and stay at a bed and breakfast. Buy a bottle or two of your favorite wine, whenever you drink it you'll remember your great trip. Take the time to enjoy great wines and great food, it will set the stage for romance.
  5. Class.  Find a cooking class you can take together. If possible sign up for one that's an hour away, so you can drive out of town and stay in a hotel. Learning a new skill in a new environment will be romantic while you create new memories together.
  6. Las Vegas. Las Vegas is an adult playground which makes it the perfect place for a romantic weekend getaway. There are new restaurants opening all the time. Stay in a suite on the strip and eat your way through the town over the weekend. You can also renew your vows at a Las Vegas chapel.
  7. Bed and Breakfast. Find a small bed and breakfast near your home. Even a short romantic drive can help mix things up in the bedroom. The small intimate atmosphere will help you focus on your partner. Don't set a busy schedule for your romantic weekend, just relax together.
  8. Camping. Pack up your car and head to the wilderness. Without electricity, you and your partner will be forced to work together to make meals and tend to the basics of life. Cooking together in the fresh air is romantic.
  9. Swap Homes. Look for a vacation rental home online.  You may find a home that’s close by at the fraction of the cost of a hotel room. The advantage of this is that you will have plenty of space to explore with your partner. If you can't afford to pay for a rental, offer to housesit for friends that are going out of town.
  10. Amusement Park. Grab your sneakers and head to the nearest amusement park. Go on every ride and eat all the fun amusement park food that you might normally avoid when you’re on a diet.  Being a big kid with your partner will help recharge your romantic vibe. Make sure you bring home t-shirts as a reminder of your fun romantic weekend!

It doesn’t matter which romantic weekend getaway you plan as long as you’re taking a trip with someone you care about. Any change of scenery helps to spark the romance.  The fact that you cared enough to plan something will make your partner melt.

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