10 Rough Sex Positions

Want to learn about 10 rough sex positions? Rough sex can be something very exciting for both of you. Remember that if your partner is not into violence you need to keep it light though. But if you are experimenting with rougher things, you can have a code word that means stop. Having a code word is a must, and it should not be no or stop. During rough sex words like "no" or "stop" may come up and not really mean stop. Pick something else like banana or monkey.

Incorporate the following things into many positions and you can have rough sex. For a lighter side of the world, and one that will not hurt too much, use some light spanking. If your mate is asking for more, go for it, but increase your hits only a bit at a time.

  1. Spanking can be done in many positions for rough sex; whether it is light or hard is up to the parties involved.
  2. Biting can be a big turn on when you use it in rough sex. Just make sure that you are not breaking the skin when you do this.
  3. Getting your partner from behind and pulling her hair can give you better leverage. 
  4. As your partner is giving you fellatio, pull on her hair to keep her down on your penis. This may lead to a bit of choking on her part, but that is part of the fun!
  5. Hold down her wrists with one hand and slap her with the other. Add to this position by calling her names. Perhaps you can spice it up with role playing and acting like you caught her with another guy.
  6. Choking your partner while you are on top is great. It is something that will give you power, but will give her a hell of an orgasm too. Just use caution so you do not choke too long when in this position.
  7. Doggy style from behind you can pull her hair and shove yourself in deeper.  For more advanced rough sex, be doing anal in the process of pulling her hair.
  8. When you first in the bedroom grab a whip and use it. Make your partner get on her knees in front of you and service you.
  9. Some men love doing facials; add a bit of rough sex to this position. You can do this by choking her with your penis before pulling out to cover her face. Or find another way to cover her face, nose, eyes, ears, hair, anything.
  10. Lay your girl on her side and get between her legs. Force yourself into her anal cavity or vagina. You can pull her hair her too and make her beg you to stop. Simply shoving your penis into her ass will hurt quite a bit. Make sure you have that code word set up, because rough sex can become violent rather quickly.
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