10 Sad Alternative Rock Songs About Heartbreak

If you’ve ever gone through a bad breakup, you’ll be able to identify with these ten sad alternative rock songs about heartbreak. Alternative rock artists are skilled at capturing the emotion of a relationship, and these songs focus on the heartbreak of love’s sad and sudden ending.

  1. The Calling: “Wherever You Will Go” As The Calling’s biggest hit, this alternative rock song describes the melancholy situation of ending a relationship on good terms. The lyrics “And maybe I’ll find out / The way to make it back someday” maintain hope for a reconciliation.
  2. No Doubt: “Don’t Speak” This 1996 song launched No Doubt into the mainstream. It’s an emotional look at the end of a relationship, and the sadness that comes with it. Lines like “I know just what you’re saying / So please stop explaining / Don’t tell me ‘cause it hurts” summarize the heartbreak involved.
  3. My Chemical Romance: “I Don’t Love You” The title says it all. This song is a bitter kiss-off to painful love. The lines “Sometimes I cry so hard from pleading / So sick and tired of all the needless beating” suggest that this guy is probably better off without her.
  4. 30 Seconds to Mars: “The Kill” As far as sad alternative rock songs about heartbreak go, this one’s a classic. The lyrics offer an intense look at finding self-worth in the face of a breakup: “Come break me down / Bury me, bury me / I am finished with you.”
  5. Blink 182: “I Miss You” With their self-titled 2003 album, Blink 182 transformed themselves from immature punk rockers to thoughtful troubadours. The metaphors in this song liken heartbreak to the gothic imagery in “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”
  6. All Time Low: “Break Your Little Heart” As an integral part of alternative rock in the new millennium, All Time Low offers honest commentary on sad subjects. The lyrics “I’m gonna break your little heart / Watch you take the fall / Laughing all the way to the hospital” may seem cruel, but they can offer comfort to a victim of heartbreak.
  7. Boys Like Girls: “Heart Heart Heartbreak” Bet you can’t guess what this song is about. That’s right: heartbreak. Alternative rockers Boys Like Girls encapsulate breakup frustration in this 2009 song from the album “Love Drunk.”
  8. Taking Back Sunday: “You’re So Last Summer” As the kings of lyrical intensity in alternative rock, Taking Back Sunday didn’t mince words in this 2002 song. The lines “You could slit my throat / And with my one last gasping breath I’d apologize for bleeding on your shirt” offer a gory metaphor on the sad remorse of heartbreak.
  9. Brand New: “Jude Law and a Semester Abroad” As a figurative middle finger to an ex-love, this alternative rock song provides a gateway to post-breakup self-esteem. Lyrics like “I still taste you / Thus reserve my right to hate you” can offer comfort to a jilted lover.
  10. The Smiths: “Unhappy Birthday” As the godfathers of sad alternative rock songs about heartbreak, The Smiths cemented their reputation with this 1987 gem. The lyrics “I’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday / ‘Cause you’re evil and you lie and if you should die / I may feel slightly sad but I won’t cry” depict the intense emotions of heartbreak.
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