10 Sad Chinese Songs

Melodramatic music has spoken to everyone, here's a list of 10 sad Chinese songs. Artists such as Jay Chou and Ah Sang pour their hearts out in music. It could probably even break the language barrier.

  1.  ''An Jing'' – The literal definition of the title is ''Silence'' by Jay Chou. The sad tune along with his voice makes music that'll tug at your heartstrings.
  2. ''K Ge Zi Wang'' – Meaning ''Karaoke'', this Chinese song by Eason Chan speaks to those who hear it, and everyone has their own interpretation of it. Some versions might not even be sad.

  3. ''Ni Bu Zai'' – A song by Chinese artist Leehom Wang meaning "you're not here." The name itself suggests the eventual sad tone of the song.

  4. ''Ru Guo'' – From Nicholas Teo, the definition of this song is ''if''. Just this one simple word in English and Chinese can inspire complex thought and wondering.

  5. ''Huang Hun'' – Meaning ''Yellow Line'', this Chinese song by Steve Chow is up for debate as to what it truly means, but everyone can appreciate it despite its sadness.

  6. ''Ni Bu Ai Wo'' – The phrase ''You Don't Love Me'' is what the title means. This one simple phrase can provoke a deep sadness in anyone who has experienced heartbreak.

  7. ''Ye Zi'' – By Chinese artist Ah Sang meaning ''Leaf''. Leaves must spark memories for most people, some sadder than others of course.

  8. ''Fang Shou'' – Literally meaning ''Let Go'', this sad music by Jeff Chang is about release, and its pain that follows.

  9. ''Wang Le Ai'' – This song by Toro Means ''Forgot to Love'', the title explains the rest of the song rather well. Very popular in China.

  10. ''Cuo Le Zai Cuo'' – Another song by Nicholas Teo meaning ''Crying After Crying''. It's doubtful that there's a sadder title out there anywhere in music, Chinese or otherwise.


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