10 Sad Country Songs About Death

Country music deals with depression more than any other genre, so finding 10 sad country songs about death is not difficult. Death is a popular theme throughout music and country is no exception. Tales of love, loss and grief are abundant. Have plenty of tissues on hand because here are ten of the saddest country songs that are about death.

  1. "The Dance" Garth Brooks. This sad country song never mentions death specifically, yet it speaks of the pain that comes from remembering those lost. It captures that grief in the lyric "Yes my life, it's better left to chance. I could have missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss the dance."
  2. "Teddy Bear" Red Sovine. Teddy Bear is a little boy whose father was a truck driver who died while on the road. One day, he gets on his father's CB and begins talking with a trucker. He asks for the boy's address and stops to visit. When he gets there, all of the truckers who had been listening arrive as well. This lyric will melt the frostiest heart  "We wish each and every one of a special prayer for you cause you just made my little boy's dream come true. I'll sign off now before I start to cry. May God rise with you, 10-4, and goodbye."
  3. "Sweeter Than The Flowers" Bobby Bare. Whether you are prepared or not, it is never easy to lose a parent. This beautiful, yet sad song, is summed up perfectly in its closing line "Oh no mama I'll never forget you and someday I'll meet you up there."
  4. "Don't Take The Girl" Tim McGraw. This song tells the tale of Johnny and his "girl" from childhood into their adult years. The following lyric is heart wrenching, "Doctor says the baby's fine, but you'll have to leave cause his momma's fading fast. And Johnny hit his knees and there he prayed. Make this my last request,take me out of this world. God, please don't take the girl."
  5. "Heaven Was Needing A Hero" Jo Dee Messina. This song is often used in honor of fallen military members, and rightfully so. "I guess Heaven was needing a hero, someone just like you. Brave enough to stand up for what you believe and follow it through."
  6. "He Stopped Loving Her Today" George Strait. This is a song about unrequited love and death. At the beginning, a man tells a women that he will love her "til she dies." She replies that he will forget in time. The chorus of this song sums it up, "He stopped loving her today. They placed a wreath upon his door. And soon they'll carry him away. He stopped loving her today."
  7. "I Believe" Diamond Rio. This song shows that there is hope of life going one after the loss of a loved one. "Now when you die, your life goes on. It doesn't end here when you're gone. Every soul is filled with light. It never ends and if I'm right, our love can reach across eternity."
  8. "Green, Green Grass Of Home" Porter Wagoner. This is easily the most haunting song on this list. What sounds like a happy homecoming turns somber when this lyric is heard, "Then I awake and look around me, at four grey walls surround me and I realize that I was only dreaming. Again I touch the green, green grass of home. Yes, they'll all come to see me in the shade of that old oak tree as they lay me neath the green, green grass of home."
  9. "Gravedigger" Willie Nelson. Many believe that when you die, everything ceases to be. This song offers a different perspective as one last request is made. "Gravedigger, when you dig my grave could you make it shallow  so that I can feel the rain?"
  10. "Wish You Were Here" Mark Wills. This song is about the phone call no wife wants to get, her husband's flight crashed, no survivors. Later, she gets a postcard that reads, "Wish you were here, wish you could see this place. Wish you were near, I wish I could touch your face."
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