10 Sad Depressing Songs Of The 90’s

Anyone can relate to these 10 sad depressing songs of the 90's. Self-doubt, loneliness and depression are a part of life, and the 90's had no shortage of material dealing with sad subject matter.

  1. “Tears In Heaven” Eric Clapton. This tear-jerking 1992 ballad tugged at the heartstrings of music fans everywhere. Featured on the soundtrack to the film “Rush,” the song’s depressing lyrics described the pain Clapton felt after the death of his son.
  2.  “The Freshmen” The Verve Pipe. Their only major hit, The Verve Pipe released this sad depressing song on the 1996 album “Villains.” Its content is somber, even by 90's standards, using lyrical content to describe suicide and guilt.
  3. “Everybody Hurts” R.E.M. On their 1992 album “Automatic for the People,” R.E.M. struck just the right note with this sad depressing song of the 90's. Aimed specifically at teenagers, it’s a straightforward and uncompromising promise that no depressed person is alone.
  4. “Nothing Compares 2 U” Sinead O’Connor. 1990 brought O’Connor’s biggest album, “I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got.” This standout song was also her only major hit, taking a song originally penned by Prince and turning it into a sad depressing masterpiece about post-breakup sorrow.
  5. “Nutshell” Alice In Chains. Just about any Alice In Chains song could be included on a list of ten sad depressing songs of the 90's, but this track from their 1994 EP “Jar Of Flies” is one of their darkest. Singer Layne Staley’s haunting vocals give the song an especially depressing feel.
  6. “Black” Pearl Jam. As the kings of 90's musical metaphor, Pearl Jam packed plenty of sad depressing content into their 1991 album “Ten.” Lyrically, this song is an intense ballad of sorrow and loss, “I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life / I know you’ll be a star in somebody else’s sky.”
  7. “Tha Crossroads” Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. This sad depressing song of the 90's was so well-done that it earned a Grammy. In this tribute to gangsta rap pioneer Eazy-E, originally appearing on the album “E 1999 Eternal,” Bone Thugs deftly utilized complementary vocal styles to form a groundbreaking new subgenre in hip-hop.
  8. “The Man Who Sold The World” Nirvana. Most people would agree that Nirvana’s entire catalog is tailor-made for a list of ten sad depressing songs of the 90's. However, this David Bowie cover deserves mention. From the 1994 album “MTV Unplugged In New York,” it’s a haunting tale of schizophrenia and confusion.
  9. “Brick” Ben Folds Five. Any song written about a couple dealing with the aftereffects of abortion is bound to be sad and depressing. Originally appearing on the 1997 album “Whatever And Ever Amen,” his 90's classic certainly fits that description.
  10. “Hurt” Nine Inch Nails. If you write a song that Johnny Cash decides to cover, you know you’ve got a sad depressing masterpiece. That was exactly the case with this 1994 song from the album “The Downward Spiral.” Singer Trent Reznor’s sulking vocal work is a fitting conduit for the song’s depressing lyrics about depression and self-mutilation.
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