10 Sad Indie Songs 2009

These ten sad Indie songs, 2009, each cover a subject worthy of shedding a few tears. While Indie bands used to be unsigned, broke musicians struggling to pay the bills, they now are pumping out mainstream albums and raking in the money. With this change came a new type of Indie music. Gone are the days of depressing "poor me" albums. Some songs however, still hang on to the original sad, depressing tunes that started the Indie movement back in the 1990's.

  1. "Satellite Heart" – Anya Marina. Fans of the movie "Twilight" will quickly recognize this one of the sad Indie songs of the film. Anya Marina hit gold when her song were picked up for those movies.
  2. "Possibility" – Lykke Li. Another of the sad Indie songs from the movie "Twilight," this song caused more than a few tears to fall as Bella reflects on Edward, missing him and thinking it is the end of their relationship. Only her second chance at recording, Lykke Li's only other effort was a CD put out in 2008.
  3. "Hell" – Teagan and Sara. The young twin girls had a hit with this entry on the list of sad Indie songs. The haunting tune is said to be about life in the neighborhood where the girls grew up.
  4. "Daylight" – Matt and Kim. One of the sad Indie songs that made a splash in the video realm tells of the need to live life to the fullest while you still can, for daylight doesn't last forever, and night can be dark and lonely. The video was fan made and featured the band playing snippets on crowded streets.
  5. "The Violet Hour"- Sea Wolf. On the list of sad Indie songs, this one gave theater goers a thrill during a scene in the film "Twilight." The haunting tune of darkness is featured during Bella's birthday party.
  6. "1901" – Phoenix. Fans of the show "Melrose Place" will recognize this entry on the list of sad Indie songs. A reflective tune of days gone by, it has been used in car commercials.
  7. "Blue Christmas" – First Aid Kit. This Elvis remake hits the list of sad Indie songs because of the sad feeling of the song.
  8. "Christmas, Baby Please Come Home" – Ravonettes. Leave it to this band to put a holiday tune on the list of sad Indie songs. This one relates how Christmas isn't very fun when you are missing someone you love.
  9. "Two Weeks" – Grizzly Bear. Time is running out in this entry on the list of sad Indie songs. The lesson is to not waste the time you have, waiting for something that may not come.
  10. "The First Song" – Band of Horses. On the list of sad Indie songs, this is the topper for holiday bummers. The band's perception of "happy holidays' isn't exactly the norm.
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