10 Sad Instrumental Songs

These 10 sad instrumental songs feature a widevariety of genres, pieces and ways in which they express the emotion of sadness. Whether you’re reflecting on long-lost love, or just feel like listening to some beautifully sad music that will really touch your heart, this list is for you. So without further ado, let’s take a look at ten sad instrumental songs in no particular order.

  1. Malice Mizer-“Regret” This sad instrumental song, written near the end of the Gackt-era with Malice Mizer, foreshadows Gackt’s departure from the band and Kozi’s eventual death. This is one of the saddest songs on the list due to its beautiful piano and chilling drum lines by Kozi. We would recommend hearing the live version of this one, it’s a great song!
  2. Cocklobin-“Atman” "Atman," the opening track of their successful “Shi to Saisei” release, sets the cool, dark and sad mood of their recent mini-album. This song features a slow pace which invokes memories of remembrance.
  3. UnsraW-“Damned” "Damned" is one of the saddest tracks on our list of ten sad instrumental songs. “Damned” is a slow-placed piano ballad played wonderfully by vocalist Yuuki. You can literally feel the emotion placed within this short, sad little song beautifully composed by the embattled vocalist.
  4. NoGod-“Kono ame no Mokou ni” This song is one of the longest off our list of ten sad instrumental songs. It features some beautiful musicianship with plenty of haunting guitar riffs. The bassist and drummer also do an excellent job at exemplifying the sadness felt in this ballad.
  5. Nega-“Endroll” This song, coming off their latest album, features Nega’s trademark pianos with their excellent musicianship. “Endroll” is a great way to re-live love long gone through reminiscence. This instrumental song will quickly become one of your favorites.
  6. Moi Dix Mois-“Unmoved (Instrumental)” Initially featured as a song with haunting vocals, “Unmoved” is a great sad instrumental song. This song features haunting guitar riffsand some great bass lines.
  7. Matenrou Opera-“Utopia” Another favorite off of their recent album, “Utopia” is an excellent instrumental track with plenty of emotion in it. This song features this young band’s potential at composing a ballad without the use of vocals.
  8. Malice Mizer-“Saikai no Chi to Bara” This song was written after the death of Kozi who was mentioned as the drummer in our first song on the list. This is an excellent instrumental song because of its use of synths and musicianship. We would recommend watching the video for this one to gain a better appreciation for the sadness of this track.
  9. The GazettE-“People Error” Certainly a fitting title, “People Error” sums up Gazerock’s killer album, “Stacked Rubbish.” “People Error” is a great little piano track that will invoke all kinds of sad emotions. While it’s arguably simplistic, this is one of our favorite tracks for ending a night of music.
  10. Gackt-“Freesia ~Op. #2~” To end our list, we look at the former Malice Mizer’s vocalist attempt at the instrumental genre. “Freesia 2” is extremely sad and despairing with its build-up. This will quickly become one of your favorites when you’re looking for a sad instrumental song to enjoy.
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