10 Sad Japanese Movies

Some movies make you cry; so is the case with the 10 sad Japanese movies described in this article. While watching the characters deal with situations that  make your heart break, some release gallons of tears. No one knows what makes a writer delve deep life. 

  1. "Grave of Fireflies." A Japanese tragedy the story of Setsuko and Seita, a brother and sister, who survive World War II. They live with relatives. When that does not work they live in an abandoned shack until the food runs out. Their only pleasure while alive is in observing fireflies.
  2. "One Litre of Tears." Aya suffers with an incurable disease. She dies at 25. Until her death, she lives life to its fullest. Aya keeps a diary and is very normal. At 15, she begins to suffer with spinocerebellar degeneration. 
  3. "Love Phobia." The sad love story of a boy and girl who are hopelessly in love. They meet until one day she is gone. He does not see her again for ten years. Once again, she disappears. The meetings and disappearances continue. Why the disappearances? You must watch the movie to find out. 
  4. " Virgin Snow." The story of innocent love between a young Japanese male and female who find their love lost due to ill grandparents. When they are finally able to rekindle their love, they cannot locate each other. Their love is lost until they once again find each other.  
  5. "Tree of Life." Hana and her step brother begin to build a relationship when an evil aunt commences to destroy everything left from her deceased father. Due to envy and gambling debts of Hana's aunt, Hana's life is miserable. Hana's aunt is embezzling money left  and selling the hotel. Their love endures even through the evil of a vindictive aunt until the newlyweds return.
  6. "I Live In Fear." The sad story regarding situations that play out in rich families. This Japanese tale is of a dentist who has to determine if a man is sane or insane. Some of his heirs want him declared insane to gain control of his riches; others do not. If found insane, he will live the remainder of his life in an asylum while his heirs live in luxury.
  7. "Heaven and Hell." In this drama, the movie begins with executives trying to determine if they want to make a product of  low quality charging a high price or high quality charging an exorbitant price when the CEO's son is kidnapped. They discover, however, the chauffeurs son is kidnapped rather than the CEO's.   Now the decision is does the CEO pay the ransom required to get the chauffeur's son back? Very well written, moral dilemma, sad at times hat plays on the heart.   
  8. "Lady Snowblood." The story of a young girl who uses her sex appeal to hunt down and avenge her mother's rape and fathers murder. She finds them, tortures and kills them. 
  9. "The Idiot." This Japanese movie tells the story of a man who is finally released from an insane asylum. He meets another man on his way home who tells him of his love for a woman. During the friendship, somehow the two clash and the woman is killed. They both go insane.
  10.  "Doomed." The Story of a sad man who fights with his son and daughter-in-law about the amount of money they will inherit. He discovers he has cancer and decides to make a difference in someone's life before he dies. He builds a playground and changes his perspective before dying.
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