10 Sad Leaving Songs

These 10 sad leaving songs range through every music genre. Tough break-ups and changes in life effect all people from every walk of life. Music of all genres therefore reflects these intense feelings of loss. Whenever you feel sad, break one of these out and sing the blues.

  1. "My Girl" – Lead Belly. Topping the list of sad leaving songs is the blues classic about a murder and a divorce. The song was covered by the band Nirvana in the 1990s, reviving the early 40's song popularity.
  2. "If You Leave Me Now" – Chicago. On the list of sad leaving songs, this 1976 tear-jerker comes in a close second. The tender lyrics of losing "the very heart of me" grabs at any listener's heart as the singer begs for his lady to "please don't go".
  3. "Baby Please Don't Go" – Big Joe Williams. When looking at sad leaving songs, this 1935 song puts a interesting twist to the mix. The upbeat blues tune begs his lady to not leave after she finds a new man. The song has been covered over the years by various artists including Muddy Waters and AC/DC.
  4. "Don't Cry" – Guns n Roses. The heavy hitting rock band of the 80's and 90's hits the list of sad leaving songs with this effort. The song asks that she not cry as he leaves and assures her there is a heaven waiting.
  5. "Good Riddance" – Green Day. Despite the title, this tune makes the list of sad leaving songs. The 1990's hit is about leaving a relationship behind after considering it the best option.
  6. "Fast Car" – Tracy Chapman. This entry on the list of sad leaving songs covers the gambit. The lyrics tell of leaving home, leaving the city and then leaving the husband.
  7. "A Better Man" – Clint Black. The 1989 country hit makes the list of sad leaving songs. The lyrics relate that the man is "leaving here a better man, for knowing you this way". Sometimes when it's over, all you can do is reflect and leave.
  8. "Give it Away" – George Strait. Another country hit on the list of sad leaving songs comes from the award winning artist George Strait. The song tells the story of giving away all the memories left in a house after the marriage is over.
  9. "Everything I Own" – Bread. On the list of sad leaving songs, it doesn't get any more heart wrenching than this 1972 hit from songwriter David Gates. The torn soul is willing to give up everything "just to see you, once again".
  10. "What Hurts the Most" – Rascal Flatts. Rounding out the list of sad leaving songs is the country song about discovering what you have too late. When she's leaving, it's hard to relate how much it really hurts when you are in love.
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