10 Sad Movie Songs

There’s something about these 10 sad movie songs that make us want to listen to them again and again. Sometimes used to great dramatic effect, sad movie songs are often integral parts of the film, enhancing the emotional content and making it more memorable.

  1. “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell. From the hit British film “Love Actually” is this heartbreaking song from Joni Mitchell. One of the best 10 sad movie songs of all time, the incredible vocals conjure up the emotion of a broken relationship perfectly.
  2. “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins. From the film of the same name, this is an epic power ballad from British singer Phil Collins. Perfectly capturing the emotion of the film this is one the 10 sad movie songs for every play list.
  3. “I Grieve” By Peter Gabriel.  Peter Gabriel is a master songwriter and this song is a fine example of that. From the soundtrack of “City of Angels” this is simply one of the top 10 sad movie songs ever.
  4. “Wise Up” By Aimee Mann. An understated song that is featured in a pivotal scene in the movie, “ Magnolia.” Underpinned by a simple piano motif, this is one of the 10 sad movie songs that have to be heard.
  5. “Kissing You” by Des’Ree.  Baz Lurhman’s  version of “Romeo and Juliet” made Dicaprio and Danes bonafide movie stars. It also happened to have one of the best sad movie songs of all time.
  6. “Sweetness Follows” by R.E.M. The mixture of cello and guitar feedback create the perfect emotional foil for Michael Stipe’s esoteric lyrics. Used in the film “Vanilla Sky,” the song complements the movie beautifully.
  7. “Falling Slowly” By Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. Taken from the Irish film “Once,” this is an evocative duet. Soaring harmonies backed by acoustic guitar and piano make this one of the highlights of the film.
  8. “If You Leave Me Now” by Chicago. A melancholy ballad from American supergroup Chicago, “If You Leave Me Now” was used to great comedic effect in the British horror comedy “Shaun Of The Dead.”  Lead singer Peter Cetera also went on to have solo success with a song taken from the hit movie “The Karate Kid Part II.”
  9. “74 75” by The Connells. A lilting folk rock song from the independent film “Heavy.” Understated and exquisite, the song reflects the emotion of the main character perfectly.
  10. “When She Loved Me” by Sarah Mclachlan. From the blockbuster movie “Toy Story 2,” this is a bittersweet song that is used to great effect during the film. Sarah Mclachlan turns the tale song about abandoned toys into something more, thus making this one of the best sad movie songs of all time.
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