10 Sad Relationship Songs 2010

The 10 sad relationships songs 2010 might leave a bad mark for the brokenhearted. Each of these songs is something you might relate to or at one point in your life. Whether it makes you feel stronger, cry, or throw a fit of anger, here the list of 2010's sad love songs.

  1. Bruno Mars "GrenadeA beautiful song which tells a tale of love as it explains a man who truly loves a woman but her heart belongs to someone else. Regardless that she does not him back, he is willing to put his life on the line, literally. One of the 10 sad relationships songs in 2010 that makes any heartbroken man goes crazy.
  2. Eminem ft. Rihanna "Love The Way You Lie"  Some people know the feeling of loving someone so much yet blinded by the horrible way they are treated, whether it is through emotional or physical abuse. Unfortunately, love cannot fix everything about someone or the relationship itself and Rihanna and Eminem expresses it so well in the song.
  3. Justin Bieber "Baby"  Love is a beautiful thing in a relationship, but when it ends, it hits like a tons of bricks. You will constantly feel the urge to say NO! As Bieber says frequently in this song yet regardless of the relationship ending, you will always have fond memories of your ex. One good thing about this song is its chirpy upbeat rhythm of it that will not leave you feeling sad for long.
  4. Audition "You Ruined This" Tired of the lies, empty promises of change yet things will eventually remain the same? Take a page out of Audition's "You Ruined This" and send your girl packing. It is a great relationship song about moving on and not looking back.
  5. Drake "Find Your Love"  The song dedicated to men in love with an unavailable woman and willing to go through hell to be with her. At the end of the song, Drake willing to put his life on the line to win the object of his affection regardless of the consequences. Hopefully in reality, any man with common sense knows how to steer clear from an angry boyfriend with a gun.
  6. Maroon 5 (Misery) Not exactly an incredibly sad relationship song in terms of the musical composition. However the lyrics itself is sad as it perfectly describes a man in a love-hate relationship where he is obviously emotionally hurt but willing to take his ex girl back regardless.
  7. Jason Derulo "Ridin' Solo"  When a relationship has run its course and you are tired of all the problems in it, "Ridin Solo" is the perfect song to play to show you are moving on. This upbeat song mirrors, Usher's "U Don't Have To Call" and make any newly single man get up, dance, and enjoy the ingle life.
  8. Lady Antebellum "Need You Now"  Although the song "Need You Now" was released in 2009, it remain a huge hit in 2010 and had to be one of the saddest relationship songs. If you have a hard time getting over your ex and need that person back in your life, this song belongs in your playlist.
  9. Nelly "Just a Dream"  Missing your ex and having dreams of being together while in reality, they are not with you hurt the most. Nelly's song "Just a Dream" sums up strong feelings for any person not over their old love.
  10. Cee-lo "F**ck You"  Not every sad relationship song have to be depressing or makes you crawl under a rock and die. Cee-lo's "F**ck You" is meant to lift up the spirits of any guy who tries to win the affections of a girl yet failed miserably but at the end, became a successful man and shoved his success right down her face. Not all men are able to do such a thing, but least at imagining it eases the pain.
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