10 Sad Romance Movies

These 10 sad romantic movies are all films that will warm your heart. Be careful because they are all incredibly sad and will leave you reaching for tissues to wipe your tears. Nonetheless, they are all undeniably enjoyable and moving films.

  1. "Time Traveler's Wife": This film features the story of a man who goes back in time and in the future visiting his wife since she was a little girl until. It is beautiful to witness their love until it is disrupted one day when the couple sees him travel briefly in the living room as he is dying.
  2. "The Notebook": A film about two soulmates bonded in youth. When the woman's father stops their relationship, she returns years later to the town and the relationship she though was in her past.
  3. "A Walk to Remember": This film portrays a high school boy forced to work on a play with the preacher's daughter. Slowly he falls in love with her and finds out why she had promised herself never to fall in love.
  4. "Moulin Rouge": An English writer falls in love with a dancer at the Moulin Rouge. Their love has many barriers they surpass after another, until one barrier proves impossible to conquer.
  5. "Finding Neverland": This film tells the story of James Barrie and his relationship with Sylvie Davies. Their friendship complicates during such a conservative era. However, Sylvie's sickness becomes a further complication to their relationship.
  6. "Titanic": A rich woman begins to date a lower-class man, much to the hatred of her friends and family. Her social surroundings do not put a stop to the relationship, but the sinking ship can save only one of the two.
  7. "Romeo and Juliet": A modern adaptation of the famous Shakespeare play. However, even this film cannot escape the sad ending to this couple from antagonistic families. This is truly one of the saddest romance films.
  8. "Splendor in the Grass": This movie shares the story of a girl's unrequited love for a powerful man. She eventually is brought to heartbreak and mental instability.
  9. "Lake House": A man communicates with a woman in another time period through letter. Their love develops as they continue their written relationship. Truly an unexpected tearjerker.
  10. "Patch Adams": Patch Adams develops a relationship with a woman who is by his side as he tries to cheer up sick children. However, the sadness in the hospital is not the only sadness in Patch's life.
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