10 Sad Songs About Death

Get your tissues out if you plan to listen to these 10 sad songs about death. Losing someone touches anyone’s heart and music artist are the same. Most of these gloomy songs have deep rather personal meanings behind them.

  1. “Stairway to Heaven” (1971) by Led Zeppelin This song is the most played on American radio but it was never released as a single. Radio stations received promotional singles, which quickly became collector's items. This is a hauntingly sad song about a death very much in vain. 
  2. “Candle in the Wind” (1973) by Elton John This song was inspired by the life of actress Marilyn Monroe. She died of a drug overdose in 1962. Monroe’s death was very much a tragedy and this is a very sad tribute song.
  3. “My Heart Will Go On” (1997) by Celine Dion This was written for the movie “Titanic” by well known movie composer James Horner. The song top the charts at number one in the USA and the UK. Some see it as a love song, while others a sad song about death and lose. It’s one of the few songs that you can hear at both a wedding and a funeral.
  4. “November Rain” (1991) by Guns N' Roses This song originally was 25 minutes long. It was cut down to eight minutes and fifty nine seconds before it was released, still making it the longest song to ever be in the top ten on the charts. It hit number three in the US and number four in the UK. The song was based on a short story by Del James called “Without You”. Featured in the video was model Stephanie Seymour.
  5. I'll Be Missing You (1997) by Puff Daddy (now P. Diddy) This song is a tribute to Notorious B.I.G., a rapper and good friend of P. Diddy. This song about a tragic death also featured Faith Evans. Parts of the song sampled “Every Breath You Take” by the Police. Diddy didn’t get the legal issues worked out right away but after some money exchanged hands all seemed to be forgiven. Sting (of The Police) even performed the song with Diddy at the MTV Music Video Awards.
  6. “Gone Away” (1997) by The Offspring The lead singer, Dexter Holland, wrote this after his girlfriend died in a car accident. The singers pain is very clear in this sad song. It is one of the band’s most serious pieces.
  7. “Tears in Heaven” (1992) by Eric Clapton This sad song was written after Clapton’s four-year-old son, Conor died from falling out of the 53rd floor apartment where he lived with his mother, actress Lory Del Santo.
  8. “Hello” (2003) by Evanescence Lead singer, Amy Lee, wrote this song about her sister’s death. Lee was six at the time and her sister, Bonnie, was three. It’s one of the few songs written about a child dealing with death.
  9. “Last Kiss” (1999) by Pearl Jam Many do not know that this a cover of a song originally made popular by Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers in 1964. The song was written by Wayne Cochran about a car accident involving a teenage couple on a date. Eddie Vedder found the record in antique store in Seattle. He was moved by the song and the band played it through out their tour. It is the most popular Pearl Jam song to date and the band didn’t even want to release it as a single at first. They later did under the condition that all proceeds would go to benefit refugees in Kosovo.
  10. “One Sweet Day” (1995) by Mariah Carey and BoyzII Men This song was written as a duet and is about seeing a lost loved one in heaven. Carey and Nathan Morris (of Boyz II Men) collaborated together after comparing notes on songs they were both writing at the time dealing with separates loses in their lives.
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