10 Sad Songs About Women Cheating

The best 10 sad songs about women cheating covers a range of musical genres and includes songs by both men and women. If your woman has cheated on you, you don't want to be cheered up by your friends. Sometimes, you just want to be sad and cry in your beer for awhile. These ten songs will help you do just that.


  1. “Lying Eyes” by the Eagles. The husband knows that his wife is cheating on him, but he's afraid to do anything. His wife, who has anything that she wants, including a young lover on the side, is still unhappy and unfulfilled. It's a sad situation all the way around.

  2. “Your Cheating Heart” by Hank Williams. This is one of the saddest songs every written, and it's based on William's relationship with his first wife. What makes the song even sadder is that it was the last song Hank Williams ever recorded. A testament to this song's emotional impact is the number of times it has been covered by other artists.

  3. “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison. This is another song based on a real incident. Bret Michaels discovered that his girlfriend Tracy was cheating on him, and he wrote this song expressing his heartbreak.

  4. “Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town” by Kenny Rogers. Rogers was not the first to record this song, but his version is the best known. This one is sad on so many levels. The guy is paralyzed from combat wounds, and he's dying. He can't fulfill his wife's physical needs, and she can't wait for him to die before she starts seeing other men.

  5. “He Stopped Loving Her Today” by George Jones. A man vows to love until the day of his death the women who cheated on him and left him. Her love letters rest beside his bed. He lives the remainder of his life in misery despite the efforts of his friends to help him move on. You just want to say, “Dude, get over it!” Many consider this to be the greatest country song of all time, but, you have to admit that the guy is a little creepy.

  6. “Long Gone Lonesome Blues” by Hank Williams. Here's a guy who has a serial cheating wife. Instead of being glad that she is gone, he waits day after day for her to come back. Now that's sad. But, even worse, he feels so badly that he decides to drown himself. This guy is so unlucky, however, that the river he jumps into has dried up. Now that's really sad.

  7. “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” by Vicki Lawrence. This one is sad on multiple levels. Sure, the cheater and her lover are punished. But, the innocent husband is executed for murder. Little sister should have minded her own business. Nobody asked for her help.

  8. “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye. A guy finally hears the news that his woman is leaving him for another man. You feel like such a loser when you're the last one to know.

  9. “Loving, Touching, Squeezing” by Journey. A woman cheats on a guy and leaves him for her new lover. But, her first guy has the satisfaction of seeing her sitting at home crying because her new lover is now cheating on her. What did she expect?

  10. “Lucille” by Kenny Rogers. Okay, this song is kind of corny, but it was huge in its day, and it was Rogers first big hit. On top of that, it really is sad. A struggling farmer finds his cheating wife who has deserted him as she is about to embark on a one-night stand. The wife left him to run the farm alone as well as raise their four children. This girl is heartless.

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