10 Safe Places To Travel Alone

If you're going to travel alone, you'll want to travel somewhere safe so that you don't have to worry about being kidnapped and unfortunately featured in one of the those gruesome terrorist videos or caught in the middle of a separatist uprising which sparks a mini-civil war in the local streets. There are ten safe places where you'll be fine on a solitary vacation which have no chance for hostility or any type of civil unrest.

  1. Hawaii. Islands are usually a pretty safe bet when traveling alone. if anything bad happens, it's usuallyl isolated to the island itself. Also, Hawaii is in the United States, meaning you're protected as a citizen under the same laws you would be protected in the United States. There are a large number of beaches, resorts and jungles to explore on the Island chain, making it one of the best (safe) destinations in the World.
  2. East Coast of Australia. There are a lot of dangerous things in Australia, ranging from deadly brown snakes in the Outback to Great White Sharks in the Great Barrier Reef. But if you stick to the cities when traveling alone, like Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns, you'll be in first-world, Western culture among some of the kindest and most interesting people in the world. Sure, they are all spawned from criminals but that was nearly two centuries ago.
  3. Vietnam. Forty years ago, this was one of the last places on Earth you would want to visit. But with virtually no threat of terrorism and an eye towards Western investment, Vietnam has become a hot spot for tourists traveling alone who are looking to safely disappear for a few weeks.
  4. Caribbean Islands. Again, islands are pretty safe, as you are isolated in paradise and everyone on the island either is there on vacation or works there. Most resorts keep a close eye on their employees in order to protect their guests. The most dangerous things about most Caribbean Islands when traveling alone are the outrageous costs of the resorts, and the hangover you may have throughout your stay.
  5. Amsterdam. Legal drugs and prostitution are the initial draw, but there's also a massive city surrounding the Dutch metropolis's infamous Red Light District which is known for it's arts, culture, food and incredibly safe streets. No one has guns and most of the deviants are isolated to the aforementioned Red Light District, so lone travelers will be safe to travel wherever you like.
  6. Ireland. Yep, another island, but a bigger one so you'll have more to see when traveling alone. As long as you stick to anywhere but Belfast, though the IRA isn't really a concern these days, you'll be charmed by the Irish locals who will talk with you like they've known you their whole lives.
  7. Costa Rica. Another country which has been a popular tourist destination for Westerners looking to buy up pristine coastal real estate, Costa Rica's government knows that protecting their tourists is in everyone's best interests. Also, there's a stable government in a beautiful country with a notoriously low crime rate. All good things when traveling alone.
  8. Israel. A country that is surrounded by countries which want to destroy it might not seem like a safe place to visit, but Israel is, in truth, Israel is still pretty safe. The people are attractive and charming, and will be happy you brought your time and money to their land.
  9. Switzerland. One of the best-operating countries (like the watches they are known for), Switzerland is as safe as it is beautiful, with a successful populous and low crime rate. What else do you expect from a place which has remained neutral in every major war?
  10. North Dakota. Relatively flat and arguably beautiful, the most dangerous thing in North Dakota is boredom when traveling alone.
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