10 Safe Sex Tips

Sexual health is a big concern for most people and these 10 safe sex tips can help you stay safe while engaging in sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse comes with the risk of pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease (STD). Even other sexual acts such as oral sex can put you at risk for STD's. The only way to be 100% protected from a unwanted pregnancy is to abstain from sexual intercourse. The only way to be 100% protected from sexually transmitted disease is to abstain from any sexual act that involves fluid transfer. The following tips can assist in keeping your sexual acts safe.

  1. Have open lines of communication. If you do not feel comfortable enough to discuss safety issues with a potential partner then you should not be having sex with them. Communication is key in safe sex.
  2. Know your partners sexual history. Many feel it is impolite to discuss your partner’s sexual history but it can also help keep you safe. If you have ever had any STD's then you should always tell a new partner this.
  3. Use protection. There are many different kinds of sexual protection. While contraceptives will protect against pregnancy, they will not protect against STD's. The best protection against STD's (besides abstinence) is condoms be they female or male condoms. You can also choose to use both.
  4. Get screened for STD's. Most community hospitals offer free STD screenings. It is recommended that you get screened for STD's every 6 months if you have changed sexual partners even once during that time.
  5. Keep sexual partners to a minimum. The fewer number of sexual partners you have, the less at risk of contracting a STD you will be. You should also be aware if your sexual partner has other partners.
  6. Don’t abuse alcohol or use drugs before having sex. Drug and alcohol use can interfere with your ability to make safe decisions. Even if this not your first time with your sexual partner you still should not abuse alcohol or drugs before sex. Drugs requiring needle use can also spread STD's.
  7. Use the buddy system at parties and bars. Using a buddy system can sometimes give you the second opinion you need to keep you from a sexual risk. It is also just a good party or bar safety measure.
  8. Remember that no means no. No can sometimes not mean no in sexual acts with bondage play but this can also be a sexual risk. To keep yourself safe from legal consequences later, no should always mean no.
  9. Make grooming a priority. Good grooming habits can help cut down on some sexual risks. Keeping yourself groomed down there can help protect you against minor things such as urinary track infections.
  10. Be prepared for emergencies. Sometimes you do not plan on having sex. In fact studies have shown that most people that have unsafe (not using protection) sex do so because the sex was not planned. To protect yourself always carry condoms with you.
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