10 Safe Surfing Tips

Do you want to learn 10 safe surfing tips that will keep you safe while riding the waves of the ocean? Surfing is fun but can be dangerous if you don't know the safety tips to keeping yourself safe. Sure accidents can happen but learning how to prevent is the best way to stay safe. Listed below is 10 safe surfing tips for riding the ultimate waves.

  1. First and foremost, know the rules of surfing. You don't want to step on other peoples toes when surfing. Knowing the rules of the beach and it's surfing rules go a long way in surfing safely.
  2. During heavy rain, don't surf. Don't surf at river mouths they can be really dangerous and cause you to drown quickly. Not to mention heavy rain and surfing don't mix because of visibility.
  3. Watch the surfers. You don't want to take someone else's wave away from them. This shows disrespect to fellow surfers and that you have no respect for the waves.
  4. If you become sick, are bleeding, or have other injuries, come out of the water. Don't surf if you are ill or injured.  You can make things worse for yourself. When that happens is that you could risk even more serious injury and someone will have to rescue you from the water.
  5. Don't surf near swimmers. Swimmers have a right to the water too, respect that fact. Besides, your wave may take you right onto an innocent swimmer and cause injuries for which you are going to be responsible.
  6. Talk with lifeguards. Ask questions about rules and safety on surfing the area. A lifeguard can give you the best area to surf and weather conditions. Lifeguards can also tell you about the areas to avoid when surfing.
  7. Learn about the area you want to surf. Talk to local people about conditions. Paddle out into the water and study the wave patterns before surfing. This gives you a heads up to what it will be like when surfing. Try this for at least 20 minutes so you get a good feeling for the area to be surfed.
  8. Don't surf if you have doubts. Don't think you can handle a situation beyond your own abilities. It could get you injured. If excellent surfers are riding the waves that day its probably a good reason as to why that is happening. Trust your gut instinct and stay out of the water.
  9. Surf with a friend. Never surf alone on the water. Something could happen to you and no one would be there to help. It is always best to take a long a friend. It ensures every ones safety in the water.
  10. Surf only as far as you can swim. Never go any further out because you will be swimming if you loose the surf board. However, to prevent that use a surf leash to hang on to your board.
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