10 Scary Movies To Watch On Halloween

Everyone knows that the best time to watch scary movies is on Halloween, and with that in mind below is a list of ten scary movies to watch on Halloween. All the spooks and creepiness that would normally give you only a small chill are amplified to the extreme because this one night seems particularly scary already. Film studios have certainly recognized the importance of Halloween to the horror movie industry, and they have put out some stellar films to end the month of October in proper fashion. Here is a list of ten scary movies to watch on Halloween.

  1. "Halloween." Duh! When it comes to watching scary movies on Halloween, you have to start with the original. John Carpenter's masterpiece created one of the most horrific killers in Hollywood history and still holds up pretty well by today's standards. Don't think about anything else until you've watched this one.
  2. "Halloween," the remake. If the original Michael Myers story isn't enough for you, director Rob Zombie's 2007 remake of "Halloween" should give you your fix. The movie may have lost some of the subtle cinematic nuances of the original, but there's enough blood, gore, and suspense to keep your Halloween night filled with nightmares.
  3. "A Nightmare on Elm Street." This is another genre-defining film. Whether you are looking for a slightly wacky slash-fest or a seriously scary killer on the loose, this classic can satisfy any lover of scary movies. Plus, what better way to spend you Halloween night than watching Johnny Depp in his very first role.
  4. "The Exorcist." Watching scary movies on Halloween makes the fear even more palpable, and no movie features a more life-like and disturbing enemy than "The Exorcist." Prepare yourself before you watch, as it doesn't get freakier than this.
  5. "Night of the Living Dead." If you're looking for a Halloween throwback, take it all the way back to the '60s and check out "Night of the Living Dead." This is the movie that all zombie movies since have been trying to imitate. 
  6. "The Shining." Monsters, zombies and body snatchers all pale in comparison when it comes to human insanity. Watching Jack Nicholson go crazy is certainly shocking and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the first of November, if not beyond.
  7. "Scream." A classic for a new generation, when you want to watch a scary movie, this one has got all the bases covered. Just remember, if you hear a strange noise while watching "Scream" on Halloween, don't ever say "who's there?"
  8. "Planet Terror." If you're in the mood for tons of blood splattering and absolute grossness (plus more than a few laughs) check out this film by Robert Rodriguez. Any movie that stars a hot chick with a machine gun for a leg has to be good!
  9. "Funny Games." Want to talk about real life horror? There are no monsters, no zombies, no evil spirits. Just a couple of crazy kids who make the life of one family a living hell. Don't call yourself a horror expert until you've picked this one up.
  10. "The Fourth Kind." With its unique split-screen retelling of events, this movie is so realistic it will scare the life out of you (literally). It's the only alien movie on the list for a reason, as it's the only one scary enough to be watched on Halloween night.
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