10 School Wrestling Moves

High school athletes who are joining a wrestling team should learn the 10 school wrestling moves listed in this article. The most important moves are moves from the top, bottom, offensive and defensive positions. An aspiring young school wrestler should practice these moves as well as many others in order to be successful.

  1. The wrist and half nelson. This high school wrestling move is achieved when the wrestler on top grasps the down opponent's wrist with one hand and the back of his neck with the other hand. This is done in order to roll the opponent into a reverse headlock.
  2. The cradle. In this move, the wrestling opponent is folded in half. Ultimately, he is braced in the air and rocked on the attacker's shoulder.
  3. The switch. The switch provides a way of escaping. It is also a way to get two points by forcing the school wrestling opponent to a down position.
  4. The escape. This move may also be referred to as the stand up. It is the easiest move from the bottom.
  5. The roll. The roll is done from the bottom position. This wrestling move is executed when the wrestler grabs the wrist of his opponent and rolls.
  6. The duck under. The goal of this wrestling move is to trip the opponent to the mat. It is a surprise attack done from the standing position.
  7. The headlock hip toss. High school heavyweight wrestlers are fond of this move. In many instances it offers a quick end to the match.
  8. The fireman's carry. This move can legally only be done from the knees. The goal for the wrestler is to the throw the opponent over his shoulder so that he lands on his back.
  9. The ankle pick. The object of this school wrestling move is to quickly grab the opponent's ankle using his opposite hand. Then, he will trip the opposing wrestler to the mat.
  10. The single and double leg take downs. In this move, the school wrestler will pull a single leg or both of his opponent's legs to his chest. Then, he will pull his opponent up and turn him in order to force him down.
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