10 Scottish Tattoo Ideas

These 10 Scottish tattoo ideas will merge your Scottish heritage with body art. From simple to complex tattoos, this article will explore Scotland's symbols and favored designs through these Scottish tattoo ideas.

When using one or more of these tattoo ideas, it is wise to draw a pattern before taking a trip to a tattoo artist  Be unique by crafting your own design. You may be closer to a work of art by using one of these Scottish tattoo ideas.

  1. Plaid Heart With greens of all shades crossing red lines of Scottish hearts, there's no better tattoo to create than the plaid heart. Use black as the outline and detail the center designed from Scottish plaid.
  2. Scottish Flag The (Satire) Scottish flag contains blue with white lines crossing from each point of the flag, meeting in the center. Creating a flag to honor Scotland is a noble task. You can also combine two flags. Place a flag of your choice next to the Scottish flag, side by side.
  3. Unicorn Unicorns are also favored in Scottish heritage. The unicorn should come with some form of Scottish symbol, such as a red crown. The Royal Coat of Arms of Scotland used two unicorns with red crowns.
  4. Lion Shield Scotland's arms comes with shields. A tan shield with a lion in the center on hind legs and boarders with eight swords coming inward, equally measured, is a perfect tattoo for those with Scottish pride.
  5. Scottish Knots A Scottish knot is very pretty and come in multiple designs. Scottish knots can be compared to designs crafted from thick rope or string. Choose a Scottish knot for a tattoo and prepare for compliments.
  6. Scottish Thistle Okay, this one is for the Scottish ladies that loves floral designs. A Scottish thistle is purple, quaint and delicate with a small bulb under a blossom spray of purple. Scottish thistles have been a symbol of Scotland since the 1500s.
  7. Celtic Cross Celtic crosses are straight crosses with a centered circle (of eternal life).
  8. Shamrock Green is the color; shamrock is the formation. However, different shades or the classic plaid pattern can apply. For instance, use green with a trace of gold lining or the Scottish red and green plaid pattern for the center of the shamrock.
  9. Tree of Life This Scottish tattoo can be created in various ways. The Tree of Life is a basic tree with branches that stem out. In Celtic belief the tree stood for security, nutrients of life or other essentials of life. Here's the Scottish tattoo idea: Use the branches and roots to form Scottish symbols, such as the ones already listed. You can do much with a tree. Be creative!
  10. Freedom Banner A green with red border banner outlined in black, can only go with one word: freedom. Scotland has come far in fighting for their freedom.  Stand proud like the Scottish and display the most important reward to Scotland's history by creating a freedom banner that folds over and re-laps itself.
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