10 Second Date Ideas: Denver

Interested in 10 second date ideas in Denver? First, congratulations on making it past the all-intimidating first date. But you're probably more interested in second date ideas than small talk. You want to get back out there and enjoy some time together. Well, Denver offers a great deal of second date opportunities. Second date ideas cover the spectrum of desires from romantic to fun, from leisurely to naughty. This list of second date ideas in Denver will touch them all.

  1. 16th Street Mall. This location is a center for shopping, dining and entertainment, which makes it an ideal spot for a second date. The open environment of this outdoor, pedestrian-friendly mall stretches sixteen blocks, allowing for plenty of window-shopping and time to chat it up. 16th Street Mall: 16th St. (between Market and Broadway), Denver, CO 80202
  2. Lower Downtown Denver (LoDo). This area of historic Denver, Colorado, boasts museums, eighteenth century flair and some of the best street cafes in the state. It is a festive atmosphere with diverse crowds with a taste for art and history and makes for a fun time for a second date.
  3. Denver Art Museum. If you or your date is into art, this idea for a second date in Denver will be right up your alley. The Denver Art Museum displays some of the most beloved iconic art in the country and boasts temporary exhibits that are sure to please. Denver Art Museum: 100 West 14th Ave., Denver CO 80204.
  4. The Smithsonian Museum. Dinosaur bones, Egyptian pharaohs, long extinct mammals, ancient artifacts and art from all over the globe reside within the walls of the Smithsonian. With huge square footage of countless historical points of interest, it is a fun and educational journey in a quiet atmosphere. Smithsonian Museum: 23rd Ave., City Park, Denver, Colorado 80203.
  5. Washington Park. How about a nice picnic for an ideal second date held in a scenic location with a beautiful pavilion nestled near Smith Lake? Washington Park is a large park filled with trees, a lapping lake and plenty of quiet spots. There is plenty of opportunity to mingle if you desire. Washington Park: East Louisiana Ave. & South Downing St., Denver, CO 80202.
  6. Loveland Ski Area. Sure, it has to be winter to ski, but this is also a great place to go in the off-season. If skiing is your gig, then check out Loveland; it holds some of the best powder near Denver. During the off-season, this quiet mountain resort town is open to quiet hikes, fine dining and piece of mind. Loveland Ski Area: 3877 Highway 6, Georgetown, CO 80444.
  7. Festivals. Denver is a huge metropolis with a diverse mixture of ethnic and cultural festivals. More direct for a second date, but if the interest is there and the festivities are available, why not? Enjoying a taste of other cultures and ideas can be very entertaining and eye opening; it may just be a second date idea that moves you to a third date?
  8. Peaks Lounge. This location is a breathtaking restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Front Range and downtown Denver. It has an exquisite menu with an impressive wine list that is sure to impress even a veteran wine expert. After dinner, you can relax with a cocktail and conversation, making this an ideal spot for a second date. Peaks Lounge: 650 15th St., Denver, Colorado, 80202.
  9. Venice on the Creek. This place offers romantic rides along Cheery Creek in an Italian-inspired gondola. A forty to fifty minute ride illuminated by moonlight and flickering candles will allow you and your date to enjoy the solace of the moment. Venice on the Creek: 1352 Larimer St., Denver, Colorado 80202.
  10. Scarlet Ranch. Naughty was mentioned as an option earlier, and naughty is exactly what you get at the Scarlet Ranch, a sophisticated adult’s-only club with theme nights and loads of temptation. Scarlet Ranch: 424 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80203.

There you are, 10 ideas for a second date in Denver. The rest is up to you!

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