10 Second Date Ideas In Los Angeles

When trying to plan that successful follow-up to a fun first date, check out these 10 second date ideas in Los Angeles. It's usually best to try something where you have a chance to get  to know the person now that it's established that you both like one another and are enjoying getting to know each other more and more.

  1. Try going to the Santa Monica Pier. Not only is it pleasant to walk on the pier and the beach, there's also the classic theme park, where you can pay per ride. The old-fashioned roller coaster provides thrills and there are several great restaurants on the beach. It's a fun second date idea, because you have your options open for what you actually end up doing on the date.
  2. Make it a day date. Go to the La Brea tar pits. You and your date can wonder at them, and it can be a fun sort of "field trip" date. You don't want to do anything too serious or boring on a second date, and that can be a real conversation starter. Go up La Cienega afterward to have a casual lunch at the Beverly Center.
  3. Take a picnic to a performance at the Hollywood Bowl. During the summer, there are great orchestra performances and there are also other great attractions all year. The picnic seats are inexpensive, and it can be a really good date for those without a lot of money to spend.
  4. Go to La Scala in Beverly Hills for dinner. It's a classic Italian restaurant that has been open for 50 years. Stars of the past, present and future eat the chop salads and delicious penna alla vodka. Tip the servers well, as it has an excellence staff. You and your date will feel as though you are really indulging, but the prices are comparable to dinner prices at any moderate Los Angeles restaurant.
  5. Drive down Sunset Boulevard and up the Pacific Coast Highway. The drive offers some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere. There will be less pressure for the sometimes awkward second-date-conversation because you will be busy being awed by the beauty of Los Angeles. Stop on the Pacific Coast Highway for lunch along the way, then take a walk on Zuma Beach.
  6. Go to a museum. The Getty is a popular museum to visit. Los Angeles offers many types of museums aside from art. Judging from the interests that your date expressed on your first outing, choose a museum that is likely to appeal to her. The thoughtfulness will be noticed and appreciated.
  7. Start out with breakfast at Norm's, then drive thirty minutes south to go to Disneyland. It's not far outside of Los Angeles, just take the freeway. It can be a really fun idea for an all-day date, and few things will inspire such a fun feeling and carefree atmosphere as Disneyland. Be sure to buy some cotton candy and go on "It's a Small World."
  8. Go to the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood. It's at the corner of Sunset and Vine. It houses a cafe, shop, coffee stand, bar and theater all in the one building. It also serves as a miniature museum, as there is always an art show on display in the lobby and upstairs. Try the Caprese sandwich and the cheesecake at the cafe.
  9. Stroll down the Venice boardwalk. It's a beach with a more laid back feel than Santa Monica. There are all kinds of vendors, artists, characters and food shops on the boardwalk, and it makes for a very entertaining date.
  10. Try a simple, healthy dinner date by going to Real Food Daily. With locations in West Hollywood and Santa Monica, there's one no matter what neighborhood your date lives in. It serves an all-vegan menu, and you'll feel mellow and happier in its zen atmosphere.
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