10 Second Date Ideas: New York

The first date was a success and now you are ready for date number two but you’re asking yourself, “Where is the best place for a second date in New York?” Don’t worry we have come up with the top ten ideas for a second date that are sure to get you a third. Good Luck!!

  1. Wollman Rink: Winter is the perfect time of year for a little ice-skating fun at Wollman Rink in Central Park with the New York skyscrapers as your backdrop. After your day of skating, stop by the “Oak Bar” at “The Plaza.” This bar has an old-world feel and is a perfect place to enjoy a dirty martini and some raw oysters at the end of the day. 
  2. Picnic at Sheep’s Meadow: There is no better place in New York on a sunny, spring day to lounge on big blankets in Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park. This big open field is ideal for a picnicking, people watching and good conversation. 
  3. Stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge: Stroll over the bridge during the day and enjoy the view of both Brooklyn and Manhattan. The architecture of the bridge is not only picturesque but also awe-inspiring. For a more of a romantic date idea stroll at night and take in the twinkling skyline of the big apple. It’s a perfect way to spend a second date on a summer evening. 
  4. South Street Sea Port: Grab a bite at any of the restaurants with patio dining along the pier. Be sure to take in the romantic view along the East River. There are always concerts, street performers and various events happening year-round that will keep you and your date entertained. 
  5.  The Cloisters: If you and your date prefer museums, then hop on the bus and take a ride to 190th Street in Fort Tryon Park to The Cloisters, where you will feel as if you are living in the Fifteenth-century as you wonder through the medieval architecture and gardens. 
  6. Empire State Building at midnight: If you plan to start your evening off with dinner why not top it off with a midnight at the adventure to impress your date? There is nothing more romantic then seeing the lights of Manhattan at night from one of New York’s greatest landmarks. 
  7. Roosevelt Island: This tiny island accessible via tram from Manhattan is a quaint little town with a rich history worthy of exploration. Spend the day outside and hike around the path that encircles the island or go fishing at the northern tip of the island. if you prefer a bit of history with a slightly macabre sensibility (just make sure your date is into this kind of thing), check out the Ruins at Renwick on Southpoint Park. You can’t help but feel as if you are among the ruins of a medieval castle. 
  8. Chelsea Piers: If you and your date are the sporting type, then Chelsea Piers is your best bet. You have your pick of bowling, golf, batting cages, rock climbing; the choices are endless when it comes to this impressive sporting playground. 
  9. Broadway Matinee: Stop by the TKTS booth in Times Square and let your date pick any show being offered up at half price. Hey, it’s not a cheap date, but it’s a fun, spontaneous way to spend the day and a real New York experience. Your date will love it! 
  10. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum: So you want to impress your date with some of your famous friends but there’s just one problem: you don’t have any. Why not impress her with your kitschy sense of humor and take a tour of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum instead. You can also catch a 4D movie—which has all the effects of 3D, but with the added elements of snow, mist, scent and a few other sense-stimulating wonders. 
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