10 Second Date Tips

Here are 10 second date tips that can make it fun and relaxing. A second date is often much less stressful than the first. You get a basic idea of the person that you are going to be hanging out with, and you also know that you both like each other. Since the first date obviously wasn't a disaster, it's much more easy to relax on a second date. Yet, here are some things to remember in order to make sure that the second date goes even more smoothly than the first.

  1. Hold back the traumas and the dramas of your life on the second date. While you certainly don't want to hide anything, don't go into great detail yet about the things that really bother you about your past. If you're asked about your parent, yet he has passed away, you certainly shouldn't refuse to answer the question. A simple answer, followed by a change in subject, however, can keep you from revealing too much too soon. A second date is, in some ways, still a testing date.
  2. Give only genuine compliments. Sincere compliments are always appreciated, but you look like you are trying too hard if you dote on every little thing when it's only a second date. When you sincerely long to compliment, do. Otherwise, think twice.
  3. Do choose something beyond dinner and a movie if the date activity is left to you. You want to do something where you have a chance to see a bit more of who your date really is. Think of trying a sport that you both have wanted to do, or visit a museum, where you can make conversation when you want.
  4. Ask before giving a present. On a second date, some men choose to give chocolate or flowers. Make sure that your date isn't a vegan before giving milk chocolate. Some people genuinely dislike flowers. When giving a present on a second date, be sure that it's based on information you gained on the first date, as that will be something that's truly thoughtful. If you do opt for a present, make sure it's on the small side. it's only the second date, after all.
  5. Allow for turns on making choices. Nobody wants to be with someone who won't make a decision on what to do, but it can be equally annoying to a woman if none of the decisions are left to her. If you choose where you eat dinner, let her opt for where you get dessert or go for after-dinner entertainment.
  6. Be a gentleman. Unless your date has told you that she prefers otherwise on the first date, be sure to open doors and pull out chairs. Proper manners are noticed and appreciated by most women.
  7. Ask open-ended questions on a second date. You want to keep the conversation going without feeling as though you are interrogating your date. By asking open-ended questions, you encourage your date to really open up. This creates a great atmosphere for a second date, as much of a first date is asking those essential getting-to-know-you questions.
  8. Make your date laugh with clean humor when possible. Laughter can sometimes be the key to getting a third date. Nobody wants to go out on the town and be glum.
  9. Don't spend too much time talking about yourself. That's a common mistake on a second date, when someone can get nervous or worried that they aren't sharing enough. If anything, err on the side of being a good listener as opposed to being a good talker.
  10. Be yourself. Yes, there are some etiquette codes of conduct to follow if you want a successful second date. Above all, however, it's important that you are genuine and true to yourself. You definitely don't want to waste your time going on a third date with someone who wouldn't like the real you.
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