10 Secretary’s Day Gift Ideas

Your office and probably your life in general would be a mess with them, so when Secretary's Day come along consider these 10 Secretary's Day gift ideas. In 1952 National Secretaries Week was created to observe secretaries over the entire nation to honor them for their hard work and unsung leadership. Modern day bosses celebrate what is now known as Administrative Professionals Day with individual and unique gifts to their irreplaceable confidants.

  1. Gift Certificates/Cards. Find out where your secretary retreats for lunch break and purchase gift cards or certificates to their favorite spot. The gift cards can be used anytime and you can reload them as a special incentive or just to be nice.
  2. Salon or Spa day. Give your secretary a relaxing day at the spa at your expense. Buy a pack that caters to her from head to toe. For a special treat, make it on a friday to give her a three day weekend. 
  3. Movie Night Package. Contact a local movie theater and purchase a pack of tickets for your secretaries entire family. Leave an envelope with the tickets and enough cash for some treats like popcorn and soda for the event. Make it more special by giving it with the paycheck at weeks end.
  4. Day off. If you are not overwhelmed with work and have the authority to do so, give your secretary the day off on Secretary's Day. Giving your secretary an envelope to open immediately with a Secretary's Day card saying “Enjoy your day off" or "Now go do what you like”. This would be a paid day off of course.
  5. Hobby gift basket. This secretary's day gift idea is a creative one as you give a gift basket in accordance with your secretaries favorite hobby. If he/she likes drawing you can add a sketch pad, drawing pencils, erasers, and a drawing book.
  6. Bath and candle package. Purchase a gift basket with scented candles and bath accessories that will take the stress away. Give her some time off from work a few hours before her shift ends to top off this elegant secretary's day gift idea.
  7. Office Chair. A brand new office chair with heating and vibrating functions for your secretary would be a great Secretary Day gift idea. Have it set up for them with a few of their favorite office snacks in a new candy dish.
  8. Concert tickets and dinner. Purchase a round of tickets and a restaurant certificate as a Secretary Day gift idea for all the hard work your secretary has provided. If the concert is on a Sunday, give them a half day off on Monday following for an added bonus
  9. Bonus Pay. Surprise your secretary with a bonus check of double pay for the day as this Secretary's Day gift idea of extra cash would sure to be a delight.
  10. Charm Bracelet. This Secretary's Day gift idea is a lasting memento that she can have throughout her life. Different charms can be added including pictures of her loved ones, animal charms, or any related reminders that come in charm form.
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