10 Seducing Texts

Learn about 10 seducing texts. Texting can be fun and exciting; you get to let your creative seductive side show. Even if you are shy and a little on the conservative side and wouldn’t normally try to seduce a man or woman, this will help you come out of your shell and be more enticing. If you have always had a way with being seductive and expressing yourself on paper, but for fear of sounding foolish never went any farther than writing it down, well texting is the next best thing to being in person. So don’t let your chance to seduce her pass you by, when it’s right at your fingertips and with the push of a button, she’ll know exactly what you are thinking.  

  1. Whenever I think of you, it puts a smile on my face. She is sure to blush when she gets this text. Knowing that you smile every time you think of her will make her smile when she thinks of you.

  2.  Do you know what would make my day? Curiosity will get the best of her and she will text you back, asking you what. Now is the time to be seductive. You can say something as simple as seeing you would make your day.

  3. I bet I can guess what you are thinking about right now. You can tell her you are hoping it’s the same thing you are thinking about; getting together and seeing what happens. You can really put your seducing skills to work.

  4. I’m having a bad day, but a hug from you will make it better. Tell her it would be her good deed for the day. Text her back and ask her are you going to get your hug today?

  5. I’m going to happy hour, would you like to make it even happier? It depends on what level of seduction you are at when you respond with how she can make it even happier.

  6. Can you come out and play? Even adults like and need to have fun from time to time, so she might be in for a little excitement. Tell her what kind of fun you have in mind, just don't let on you are trying to seduce her.

  7. Hey sexy, what are you doing, besides looking good? If she is not smiling before she gets this text, she will be after she receives it. Who objects to getting compliments?

  8. I’m going out, would you like to join me? You are not putting any pressure on her to go out on a date with you, but to meet up for dinner and maybe for a few drinks so you can seduce her in person.

  9. I’m not busy, but I would like to be. Got any suggestions? You are trying to seduce her into spending some time with you, but you are letting her have control over where. She might not have any plans and may have a few suggestions for you.

  10. Will tonight be my lucky night? She may be thinking you are trying to seduce her so she might play your little game and see what kind of luck you are looking for.

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