10 Seduction Secrets

Looking for 10 seduction secrets that can help you maneuver through the barriers on the road to love? The keys to seduction are based in knowledge, patience and understanding. Know that your girl is ready, have patience if she's not and understand about timing. Remember, you want to remain a gentleman. Never force yourself on a woman. Explore her and let her trek through your psyche, too. Most of all, have fun!

  1. Display some charm. When you are learning the secrets of seduction, the first would be to turn on the charm. While getting to know the attractive girl in front of you, be attractive and pleasing. Women love men who have the flair of charm without being full of themselves.
  2. Be irresistible. Did you know that one important seduction secret is being irresistible? It should come as no surprise that she has to be attracted to you in order for the seduction to work. When hunting, be smooth, polished and use sharpened tools. Come prepared and your irresistibility will win her over.
  3. Engage in conversation. After working your way this far down the list of seduction secrets, be sure to make good conversation a priority. While some women aren't interested in talk, others say that a man must go through their heads before getting anywhere else. Plus, don't you want to relate to this fascinating woman before you?
  4. Show some passion. Are you a master of love? If not, brush up on your skills, because passion is what drives seduction. Passion for the woman before you and the art of lovemaking while expressing this are the keys. She will be able to sense if you're hesitating or unsure.
  5. Communicate your desire. Let your girl know that you want her! Without coming on too strong, use your body and mind to pique her interest in you, too.
  6. Choose the right woman. When it comes to seduction secrets, finding the right woman is imperative. Not every girl is ready to be seduced, so make sure to choose the right woman. When getting to know a new girl, ask her if she's available and interested. While she might be available, if her heart isn't in it, you might as well keep looking.
  7. Make eye contact. One of the secrets to seduction is making eye contact. After all, zoning in on your sweetie and admiring her with your eyes says so much. Show her, through good eye contact, that you're serious about seducing her. If you are good with your eyes, she'll know how much fun is in store.
  8. Dance with her. Dancing is an important part of any seduction. Most women are fond of dancing, and slow dancing is your secret weapon. Your body movements prove that you know about the art of love.
  9. Master your kissing skills. Once you've moved your way down past the other seduction secrets, you're ready to kiss. Like dancing, kissing is the perfect way to showcase your skills. You know what they say: men who know how to dance and kiss are usually highly adept in the bedroom, too.
  10. Have a bit of wine. For our last seduction secret, wine is a good way to loosen up. However, be careful; alcohol creates false confidence and security. While it's perfectly fine to serve her favorite Riesling, make sure neither of you use alcohol for the purpose of seduction. Wine enhances, but should not detract from, the experience.
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