10 Sensual Massage Tips

Taking advantage of these 10 sensual massage tips can quickly and easily re-energize you and your partner’s love life. Few things set the mood like a relaxing, deep sensual massage. Plus, by doing it right, you’ll earn some serious brownie points.

  1. Create the sensual massage environment. The area you prepare should be relaxing and distraction free. Try putting on her favorite music in the background, unless she’s a metal fan.
  2. Have her lie face down on a flat surface. Unless you have a massage table on hand, you’ll probably need to use a bed or couch. Just be sure that it’s a comfortable spot conducive to a sensual massage.
  3. Have some essential oils on hand. A good sensual massage should involve all the senses, not just touch. Scented oils will include her sense of smell in the experience, and enhance the overall massage.
  4. Start from the top. The head and neck are often incorrectly ignored during a massage. Avoid this mistake by rubbing her temples softly with your fingertips, and working down to the neck. Repeat these moves a few times before going on to her body.
  5. Gradually work down to the back. The generally accepted sensual massage method is to start with broad, vertical strokes. Move up and down her entire back, using your fingertips with somewhat firm pressure.
  6. Still focusing on the back and neck, utilize different strokes. After a few minutes, mix in circular motions. This will relax muscles that vertical ones don’t reach as well, and keep the massage interesting.
  7. Don’t forget the extremities. Though it is supposed to be sensual, a general rule of thumb for a good massage is to always get the arms and legs. Use a gentle squeezing pressure on her arms and legs, working them up and down several times.
  8. Get her a little excited. Now that you’ve taken care of all the spots involved in a regular massage, it’s time to heat things up a bit. Start to kiss her neck softy and whisper in her ear occasionally. The more time you take, the more turned on she will get.
  9. Slowly work your way to more intimate areas. Remember to use a light touch, as her body will be very attuned and sensitive at this point. Start by occasionally blending the inner thighs into the areas you’re massaging, and move on to eventually concentrate on them.
  10. Have her turn over. The end of a sensual massage often gets hot and heavy pretty quickly. Have her face you for the last few moments, gradually increasing the vigorousness of your touch. With the massage coming to an end, the rest is up to you. 
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