10 Sentimental Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Choose from these 10 sentimental gift ideas to make an impact on the one you love. It can be difficult to decide just what to get that special someone in your life. However, it is possible to show your devotion through a simple gesture of offering a sentimental gift.

If you just cannot come up with one, try out a sentimental gift from these examples:

  1. Write a love note and place it in an area the or she will find it when you are gone. Tuck it inside a briefcase, book or leave it on the pillow. Sign it with a heart and both of your initials inside to make the best sentimental gift ideas.
  2. Show up at your loved ones job for a surprise lunch. You may need to coordinate with a sitter or get time off from your own job but this sentimental gift idea will be well worth your efforts.
  3. Write a short love letter on a photo postcard. These are very inexpensive and offer a personalized gift. Upload a special picture of you and your significant other to an online sight that offers this service. Walgreens and Walmart both offer a photo made into a postcard service. Have it delivered to your home. Write your personal note. Just a few meaningful words will be best and mail it to your love.
  4. Place three little Hershey Kiss chocolate drops in the lunch box of your love. Everyone loves a kiss and it will bring a smile to his or her lips. Everyone loves a sentimental gift.
  5. Send and unexpected text message while your special one is away. Simply say “I Love You” and don’t mention anything about the rest of the days drama this will show a genuine effort to create a sentimental gift.
  6. Play his or her favorite song as a way to show you are thinking of your shared love. This lone act speaks depth about how much you think of the other, in a way to know their preferences.
  7. Bake a cookie, brownie or cake. Nothing says love like homemade cooking as a sentimental gift idea. It says you took the time and effort to create something special just for the one you love.
  8. Set up candles around the bathtub and have a warm bubble bath filled when he or she arrives home from work. Your special person will appreciate this sentimental gift idea.
  9. Place a blanket outside on the ground, a bottle of wine and glasses. Go out after dark and gaze at the stars together.
  10. Rent a sentimental  chick flick and cuddle up on the couch with a blanket.
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