10 Sentimental Gift Ideas

Buying the right gift takes precision, and these ten sentimental gift ideas offer just the right options. Selecting sentimental gifts provide lasting memories for your wife or girlfriend. The key to selecting the right sentimental gift is remembering, and incorporating, specific details that are important to her. Here are a few of the best sentimental gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression with your wife or girlfriend.

  1. Bouquet of flowers. Flowers offer a touch of thoughtfulness that is understated. The lovely scents of the flowers provide sentimental attachments that will last which make this a great sentimental gift idea.
  2. Signed book by a favorite author. Nothing is as thoughtful as remembering your girlfriend's favorite author. But to combine that with a signed copy of the author’s book really sends the message that you care.
  3. Movie themed gift basket.  A gift basket with her favorite movies is a sentimental gift idea that allows your girlfriend to associate her favorite movies with you.
  4. An engraved watch. An engraved watch offers a permanent message that she will always cherish.
  5. An electronic picture frame with your favorite pictures. Buying an electronic picture frame with your favorite times together allows your girlfriend a chance to relive those special moments with you.
  6. A bracelet with her birthstone. Buying a bracelet with her birthstone demonstrates your thoughtfulness because you remembered her birthday. This is a great sentimental gift idea.
  7. A painting of a favorite picture of the two of you. Having an artist paint a picture of a favorite memory of the two of you offers an extra special gift she will never forget.
  8. A box of her favorite brownies. Brownies offers an extra special treat that instantly enhance your mood. Remembering your girlfriend's favorite type of brownies demonstrate that you listen to her which will make a sentimental connection.
  9. A scrapbook filled with pictures of the two of you.  A scrapbook filled with pictures offer hours of enjoyment for your girlfriend. She will marvel at your thoughtfulness and treasure it forever.
  10. A framed poem that reminds you of her. Selecting a poem or poetry verse that reminds you of your girlfriend demonstrates that you think about her. This sentimental gift idea allows your girlfriend to remember how you feel about her every day.
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