10 Serious Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend About Your Relationship

There are lots of things that men ask girls, but there are 10 serious questions to ask your girlfriend about your relationship that guys should ask before thinking about taking things to the next level. Some girls do not like to answer serious questions but if you find an appropriate moment, when you are alone then you should be able to have a frank discussion.

  1. "Is this a serious relationship?" It is often hard to pin-point the moment when you move from a casual relationship to a serious one. Your opinion of the relationship may differ from hers so this question enables you to find out what is going on in her head. 
  2. "Have you ever been unfaithful to me ?" These things have a way of coming to light eventually and it is probably in her best interests to tell you now. This is a question that puts serious relationships to the test because a faithful girl may resent being asked it but it is important to know the truth. 
  3. "Can you commit yourself to a monogamous relationship?" She may be faithful to you now but a serious relationship question to ask your girlfriend is how long you can hold her attention. Some girls focus on one guy at at time but you need to find out if she will want to bed hop five years from now. 
  4. "How many sexual partners have you had ?" This is a question that your girlfriend will try to avoid answering. Women often misstate these statistics but explain to her that you want an honest relationship and be honest with her about your past. 
  5. "How many kids do you want?" If you want to be kid-free and she wants 15 kids then it is better to find out now before your relationship with your girlfriend becomes too serious. This is question to ask once you have been dating for a while. 
  6. "Do you believe in God?" Religion plays a major role in many peoples lives. Even if your girlfriend is not that into religion her parents may be and this question could uncover that. If your religious beliefs don't mesh it is better to know sooner rather than later.  
  7. "What do I do that annoys you?" This is a serious relationship question that you hope has a short answer. If she starts to talk and and all of your faults reel off her tongue for then next 10 minutes then you know the relationship is going nowhere.
  8. "How do you like to have sex?" Don't assume that your girlfriend shares your love of public sex in the park. She may prefer to have public sex on a roof top. Find out what she likes and work at a way to accommodate her needs. 
  9. "Do you want an open relationship?" This may seem silly but some women want to invite other people into their bedrooms. This question let's you know if a threesome is on the cards or if she wants you to watch while she bangs a porn star. 
  10. "Do you mind if my friends hang out when the game is on ?" Many people assume that their girlfriends will be cool with all their friends getting drunk in the house during the ball game, but that is often not the case. You should always ask your girlfriend serious questions about your relationship in terms of each other's friends.
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