10 Sex Coupon Ideas

These 10 sex coupon ideas are the perfect gift idea for a man who wants to please his girlfriend and provide her with something more creative and sexual than just the typical box of chocolates. Type up these ideas and make a coupon book out of them, so that she can redeem them whenever she feels the urge to have an extra sexy night with you.

  1. Full body massage coupon. This sex coupon idea will make both of you very happy. After she redeems the coupon, give her a great massage, working your way down her back to her legs and rear. If all goes smoothly, you’ll both end up with your clothes off.
  2. Fantasy role play coupon. Let your girl present this sex coupon to fulfill any sex scenario that her heart desires. Be prepared to hear something sexy or possibly strange when she redeems your coupon.
  3. Oral session coupon. This sex coupon idea is good for your date to have a night of oral pleasure fulfilled by you. Your girlfriend probably won’t wait too long to redeem this special sex coupon.
  4. Dessert adventure coupon. This sex idea coupon is good for a gourmet dessert like cake or chocolate dipped fruits. Make sure to also provide whip cream and chocolate syrup; it can go on more than just your food. Start pouring, and let the fun begin.
  5. Free oil rubdown. With this sex coupon idea, you can give your girlfriend a coupon for one oil rubdown. Buy some good smelling body oils and have her strip down so you can cover all of her skin.
  6. Risque movie night coupon. Have your girlfriend use this coupon for a movie night at your place. Rent an erotic movie or a sexually charged thriller and have your date over for a movie and snuggle. After the movie, you can go from the couch to the bedroom.
  7. Free rodeo ride. For this sex coupon idea, have your girl ride you cowgirl. Throw in a Western hat and boots if you want to make it even kinkier.
  8. You pick the position. This coupon is good for one sex session. Let her pick whatever position suits her fantasy. You’ll both get equal pleasure out of this sex coupon idea.
  9. Naked chef coupon. With this sex coupon, you can provide your date with a sexy dinner made especially for her. The catch is you’ll make it sans clothes and dine with her in the candlelight.
  10. Love slave for the night. With this sex coupon, you’ll be her love slave all night long. Prepare to go all night and make sure that she is the focus of all sexual pleasure.
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