10 Sex Fantasy Ideas

Spice up your love life with these top 10 sex fantasy ideas. Have a thing for hot librarians? Maybe cops get your engine revving. Can’t help the naughty fantasies your doctor’s tight-fitting scrubs inspire? Whether you want to introduce a little kink or switch roles in the bedroom, these top ten sex fantasies are sure to do the trick

  1. Maid to order. Buy a sexy maid costume or try wearing nothing but a frilly apron as you vacuum. Get creative with that feather duster. Don’t be surprised if your weekly paycheck comes with a few new benefits.

  2. Hot for teacher. Failed your midterms? No worries. Ask your professor for a little extra credit work. The only prop necessary for this top ten sex fantasy? A desk and a little cheekiness. Don’t be afraid to turn the tables. Maybe you’re a hard partying frat boy who needs an easy A from his sexy professor.

  3. Playing doctor. Feeling a bit feverish? Ask your doctor for a hands-on exam. This is a top ten sex fantasy that can stay vanilla or get as kinky as you’d like.

  4. Moving violation. Speeding in a school zone again? Music too loud and the neighbors are complaining? Don’t be surprised if this latest infraction leads to a search and seizure. And watch out for that night stick!

  5. Peeping Tom. Love the idea of being watched? Ask your partner to pop outside and leer through the window as you undress. This is another sex fantasy that can stay as mild or go as far as you’d like.

  6. The stranger. Have another drink with that sexy stranger at the end of the bar. Tempted to take things a bit further? Share a tawdry moment in the bathroom stall or coat closet. Enjoy the illicit nature of this fantasy without any of the risk by making arrangements for your partner to play the part of the stranger.

  7. Pay up. You’ve been taken hostage and your captor has only one demand. Forced seduction frequently tops the lists of women’s favorite fantasies. Done in a secure environment where trust is the number one priority, this is a top ten fantasy experience you won’t soon forget.

  8. Let’s get physical. Hot and bothered after a hard workout with your sexy trainer? Take your cool down to the showers for some squeaky clean fun.

  9. Strict discipline. Someone’s been a bad, bad girl (or boy) and the principal is fed up. Put your hands on the desk. It’s time for a little tough love.

  10. Hit the stacks. Your books are overdue again! It’s time for the librarian to teach you a lesson. For this sex fantasy, ask your girlfriend to wear a pencil skirt and button down shirt. Add a pair of glasses and the requisite bun to complete the look of a temptress just waiting to break free.

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