10 Sex Ideas For Couples

One of the ways to keep your relationship from falling into a rut is to try some of the 10 sex ideas for couples. During the early days of a relationship, having fun, exciting sex is easy. But over time, it is easy to fall into a routine. Sex can almost become a chore- something you do because that's what couples do. But, it doesn't have to be that way. If you and your partner are open to a little adventure, and you're both willing to expand your boundaries, then these ten sex tips will help.

  1. Use role play. Plan to meet your partner at a predetermined location. Each of you should dress to play a role. For example, the guy can be a cowboy, and the woman can be a “lady of the evening.” Pretend you've just met, flirt, and engage in a hookup.
  2. Give your partner an oil massage. Get a butter warmer to heat the oil. Use it to slowly massage your partner's entire body. This is an exceptionally erotic activity. Plan ahead, because this is a messy activity. Also, be careful not to get the oil too hot. You may need to pour it into another container to cool it a bit.
  3. Reenact a sexy movie scene. Decide on a scene together, get the props, and recreate the scene from a movie such as “Pretty Woman”.
  4. Stay in bed all day and make love. Some people like to do this at a hotel or vacation spot, but it can be done at home. Spending the whole day in bed gives you time to explore each other fully. It's also a good time to fully satisfy the female partner's desire for cuddling after sex.
  5. Find out what your partner's fantasy is and make it come true. You may be surprised by what you learn. Hopefully, your partner will reciprocate and fulfill one of your fantasies.
  6. Engage in competitive physical activity before sex. Many couples report that things like playing tennis with each other before intercourse enhances the sex experience. You can also compete together against another couple. Some couples like to combine the oil massage with a playful wrestling match.
  7. Initiate early morning sex. Sex isn't only for the night. Get up a little early and begin massaging and kissing your partner until she wakes up. Things will develop from there. Morning sex starts the day off right for any couple.
  8. Make a date for sex during lunch. This sex is usually intense but fast. Men especially need these quick releases. The time pressure, however, adds an element of excitement for both partners.
  9. Meet your partner at the door naked when she comes home. The spontaneity and surprise of this tip makes it a favorite among couples and can lead to the use of new positions and new locations besides the bedroom.
  10. Have sex partially clothed. Most couples get fully naked for sex. But, by staying partially clothed, couples can recapture the passion of youth when sex often had to be furtive and quick to avoid getting caught.
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