10 Sex Questions To Ask Your Partner

It would be smart for you, and any sexually active person, to keep 10 sex questions to ask your partner. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) have become rampant, and further solidified the need for sex questions to ask your partner. It's not only necessary to ask your partner about STI's and STD's, but also their past history so as to engage their emotional involvement.

  1. "Are You Clean?" The number one question you need to ask your partner is concerning their STD status. HIV/AIDS is running rampant around even the developed nations of the world. The disease could happen to you, so ask. Obviously, you can be more smooth than the blunt "are you clean?" question.
  2. "Would You Get Tested with Me?" This serves the dual purpose of both checking your partner's disease status and yours. This question is indirect, and won't offend your partner. Share your results with each other to confirm both of your Sexually Transmitted Disease statuses.
  3. "Are You Sexually Active?" The emotional attachment of a partner after sex can be debilitating. Knowing whether your partner is already active, or a crazy "I'm going to stalk you" virgin is essential.
  4. "How Comfortable Are You?" Everyone needs to be comfortable when engaging in sex. There is no excuse to be forcing an unwilling partner to engage in sexual intercourse with you (or the other way around). Ask your partner about how they're feeling with sex.
  5. "How Do You Want It?" There are lots of ways to have great sex, so ask your partner. A great sexual experience starts with communication, and that means that both of you should do things the way you want to.
  6. "What's Your Biggest Fantasy?" A classic question to ask your partner. No matter your partner's sex, both women and men love to have things their way, and asking about their favorite fantasy only shows just how nice of a guy/gal you really are.
  7. "Have You Ever Had a Same-Sex Partner?" Maybe your soon-to-be sexual lover has had a homosexual encounter. If so, that's one of the key sex questions to ask your partner. Having an idea into their mind state and what their desires will be goes a long way to understanding their modus operandi.
  8. "Are You More Traditional or Freaky in Bed?" Maybe this sex question will be answered by experience. Still, try to get him/her to open up to your by asking your partner about their preferences as far as deviant sex goes.
  9. "Do You Like Food with Your Sex?" Kinky sex questions to ask your partner couldn't be funnier. Yet, a lot of people love to eat a chocolate sundae while doing the dirty. Quite fun, or so they say.
  10. "Sex or Apple Pie? You Choose." A little funny thing to ask your partner. Seriously though, have you tried apple pie before? Delicious. Maybe your partner thinks the same.

It's important to ask your partner about sex before engaging in it. Consent is essential, especially amidst the controversies generated today due to sexual encounters. Oh, and always be clean (for sure).

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