10 Sex Talk Tips

Need to know 10 sex talk tips? As you get older, your appetite for sex talk may increase as it is a great away to spice up your and your partner's sex life. As you mature and become more in tune with your body and your partner's, you will know what kind of sexual attention it craves. You could be enjoying the best, most fulfilling sex of your life if you follow these 10 sex talk tips.

  1. Communicate with your partner. Have open dialogue with your partner; you have to feel comfortable talking about your sexual desires and what can you do to sexually satisfy her more. This will lead to a more thrilling sex life.

  2. Whisper in her ear. When you are hugging and kissing her, anticipating the moment when you will be having sex with her, whisper in her ear how much she turns you on and how hard it is for you to control yourself. That will drive her crazy making her really want to preform for you.

  3. Tell her what you like about her body. Never mention her imperfections, instead tell her how sexy you think her body is and how you can't keep your hands off of her–that is if you want to continue seeing her naked.

  4. Don't be afraid to talk dirty. You might be thinking because she is a lady, talking dirty will be offensive to her. You may be surprised to what type of response you get by saying she is making your nature rise and you are really about to put it in her. Be explicit without over doing it.

  5. Avoid calling her anything derogatory. It's fine to tell her how much your body aches for her. You want to have invigorating sex with her, but don't call her ugly degrading names unless you know that really turns her on.

  6. Naughty sex messages. Think of different ways to tell her you can't wait to have hot sex with her. Tell her in person, via email and text messages, or slip her little notes. Just think how surprised she would be to find in her purse a kinky note with some of the things you want to do to her–especially if she's at work. That will probably make her day!

  7.  Fulfill her fantasies. When you are trying to get her in the mood for some steamy sex, ask her one question: "This is your fantasy what would you like to have done to you?" Tell her you will be her personal servant. She will definitely perk-up and you will surely see the excitement across her face.

  8. Different positions. Trying different sexual positions will keep things exciting; learn to be spontaneous. Sex will be more electrifying if it's not a planned event. Instead when the moment arises, just take advantage of it.

  9. Use a sexy sounding voice. Don't just talk about sex with her like you are discussing the weather, arouse her and make her feel whatever enticing things you are saying through out her entire body; make her lust for you. Lower your voice when talking sexy and be aggressive and confident when you speak.

  10. Facial expressions. Get her hot and bothered just by the alluring expressions on your face. When you are talking about sex give her an seductive look. Show her a little lip action, lick your lips; she is sure to get excited.


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