10 Sex Tape Celebrities

Some celebrities have benefited from being one of the top ten sex tape celebrities, while others have watched their careers destroyed because of an unauthorized sex tape. Whether the result was good or bad, there are many celebrities who have been caught having sex on tape. Some celebrities have been sex tape celebrities with more than one partner.

  1. Paris Hilton. Some would argue that the only reason Paris Hilton was offered movie and television roles was because of her many sex tapes. Hilton was not the first person to be a sex tape celebrity, but she definitely knew how to use her new stardom to her advantage.
  2. Tommy Lee. The drummer for Motley Crue liked to make sex tapes with his then-wife, Pamela Anderson. The debate about whether or not the sex tapes of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson were released on purpose has gone on for years. The fact is that those sex tapes have made both Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson American cultural icons.
  3. Pamela Anderson. The "Baywatch" beauty has been a sex tape celebrity with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, and with Poison lead singer Bret Michaels. Much of the other film work Anderson has done in her career has fallen to the wayside, but her sex tapes continue to sell.
  4. Bret Michaels. The lead singer of Poison became a sex tape celebrity when a tape of him and former girlfriend Pamela Anderson became available on the Internet. Michaels immediately sued the distributor of the tape, and the tape was removed from the market.
  5. Tonya Harding. Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding got her "bad girl" image when she was convicted of putting together a plot to injure skating rival Nancy Carrigan. Soon after Harding's conviction, a sex tape of her and her husband on their honeymoon surfaced and was sold through the Internet.
  6. Lindsay Lohan. Considering the history that Lindsay Lohan has as a drug addict, alcoholic and notorious party girl; it may not come as a surprise that she also has a sex tape on the Internet. Only one Lohan sex tape is available, but there has been considerable speculation that more may be coming in the near future.
  7. Montana Fishburne. Montana Fishburne is the daughter of famous actor Laurence Fishburne. At 19-years-old, Montana decided to break into show business by releasing a sex tape. She is unusual in that she is not an unwilling sex tape celebrity. Her tape has been produced and released by a pornographic movie production company with her consent.
  8. Kim Kardashian. As a result of her sex tape celebrity status, Kim Kardashian has become a television star thanks to the series "Meet the Kardashians." Kardashian is one of  the few sex tape celebrities to turn her infamous release into a legitimate television career.
  9. Fred Durst. The lead singer of the band Limp Bizkit was caught up in a brief sex tape scandal just as he was trying to engineer a comeback in the early 2000's. Durst sued to have the tape kept off the market, and the tape is no longer available.
  10. Meg White. Meg White is the drummer of the band The White Stripes, and in 2007 there was a sex tape featuring her that was leaked on to the Internet. The band was on tour when the tape leaked, and soon after Meg White became a sex tape celebrity the band canceled their tour and has done only limited shows since.
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