10 Sex Tips For First Night

A sexual encounter with a new partner can be intimidating, but with these 10 sex tips for first night, you should be all set for a fun romp with someone new. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known the person, the first time you have sex is always going to be slightly awkward. Knowing this a head of time, will clear the way to be prepared and make your first night with your partner memorable.

  1. Make sure you have plenty of time. Don’t put your first time with a new partner on a time frame. Block out an entire evening to enjoy each other.
  2. Turn it into a low-key date. An easy way to keep the pressure off and make sure you have plenty of time, is to turn the first night into a very low-key date. Some good suggestions are a movie at home or even cooking together. This way there is another activity to help as a distraction but not get in the way of your first sexual encounter.
  3. Don’t turn it into mission orgasm. It’s a good thing if you want to make sure you satisfy your partner but try not to make giving her an orgasm your main goal. The main goal should be that you both enjoy yourself and not all women need to orgasm to enjoy sex. Do not ask her if she just had an orgasm during sex. This puts added pressure on her and if she is having trouble achieving orgasm you have just made her more nervous.
  4. Have an open line of communication. Being open and able to talk to your partner in the bedroom will get you far. Having a conversation about sex prior to the night you plan your first encounter can be very helpful.
  5. Don’t sound like a low budget porno. Most people enjoy dirty talk during sex but don’t over do it on your first night. It can also be just as bad if you are completely silent.
  6. Be prepared. Nothing kills the mood faster than having to search for something just as you start to make your move. Make sure you have everything you need before hand such as: candles, music, condoms, lubricant or anything else you might need.
  7. Don’t go heavy on the toys. This is a topic on preference that you should discuss with your new sex partner before hand. Many people like to use toys to keep things fresh. Using them the first night isn’t necessarily out but it could be very intimidating to your partner to also have it be her first time to use a new toy. If you want to use toys, try making going shopping for the toy together part of the first night experience.
  8. Have reasonable expectations. Most people want to try and make their first night with a new partner special but putting too much pressure on the night can set you up for disaster. Have reasonable expectations on yours and your partner’s performance. A common unreasonable expectation that men have is that their partner expects them to last an extremely long time. With a new partner the length of intercourse is probably going to be shorter than average. Most your partner knows this and is much less concerned about it than you are.      
  9. Remember personal hygiene. This should be a given but just incase. Personal hygiene is a very important matter when it comes to sex. Not only is it something that can put your partner off but there are health issues as well.
  10. Spend some quality time with each other afterwards. Depending on the type of relationship you have with your partner it might not be necessary to spend the night but it would probably be best to spend some time together after having sex. It doesn’t have to be overly romantic or anything. Something as simple as deciding to watch a movie together after sex will do and up your comfort level with your partner.
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