10 Sex Tips For Guys From Women

If you are looking for a way to improve your love life, pay attention to these 10 sex tips for guys from women. When it comes to sex, no one can offer better tips for guys than women, who are often at the receiving end of your attempts. Don't just follow these tips, though, pay attention to sex tips for the woman or women in your own life and learn how to be better in bed.

  1. Keep things clean. Nothing turns a woman off more quickly than a strange odor emanating from a guy's mouth or groin region. If you want to get her into bed, give your body and teeth a good scrub first.
  2. Leave her wanting more. One important sex tip for guys is not to rush things. Revel in the anticipation of sex. Touch her everywhere but "down there" to build up her passion and make her want you more.
  3. Ask her what she wants. Another sex tip from women is that guys do not always know what the girl wants in bed. Sex is about give and take, and if you aren't giving enough or don't know what to give, she's not going to enjoy it.
  4. Read up on where things are. Some women have to find out the hard way that not every guy knows where everything is on a woman's body. Ask her to show you next time you get going.
  5. She needs to know what you want too. Some women feel frustrated when their partners are completely silent during sex or don't say what they want. If you want your partner to try something or want her to adjust what she's doing, speak up.
  6. Put the condom on without her suggesting it. This is an important sex tip for guys. She'll respect you more if you demonstrate that you respect and care for her.
  7. The vibrator is not your enemy. Don't be one of those guys who gets freaked out when he sees a vibrator or other sex toy on his lover's nightstand. Not all women can get off the same way. Sometimes, you may need to team up with the sex toy to give her what she needs.
  8. Don't feel you need to impress her all the time. Don't break out your copy of the Kama Sutra every time you want to get down to it. Sometimes, women just want simple sex without worrying about hanging upside down or lifting their legs behind their heads.
  9. Let her go first. It's a real turn off for women when a guy suddenly slows down, stops and says he's done. Let her reach orgasm, then you can go. If anything, it will teach you more self-control.
  10. Keep things interesting. One final sex tip for guys from women: do something out of the blue. Change your rhythm, suggest you have sex on the kitchen table, anything to switch things up. Adding new things and spicing it up now and then when keep you both excited for the other.
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