10 Sex Tips For Lasting Longer

Many men and women are interested in learning sex tips for lasting longer in bed. What most people don't know is that most men only last, on average, five to ten minutes during the actual performance of sexual intercourse. Most of the time spent making love is the passionate buildup and act of foreplay.

  1. Masturbate longer One important sex tip for lasting longer in bed is to learn how to masturbate longer prior to sexual intercourse. Practice prior to having sex with your partner. Bring the orgasm on and stop right before ejaculation to train your body to hold off longer.
  2. Squeeze the rod Whether becoming overheated or feeling the orgasm coming on, men can gently squeeze the penis right below the head. This soft motion can stall a premature ejaculation. This is one of the least known sex tips for lasting longer while having intercourse.
  3. Recognize the feeling Prior to ejaculating, the man must know the sensation. Once this feeling is recognized, the man can control his rhythm and keep the orgasm at bay. Learning how to prolong his ejaculation is one way a man can prolong sexual relations.
  4. Exercise the muscle For women wanting to learn sex tips for lasting longer in bed, all she has to do is remember the Kegel exercises from childbirth. The contracting of this muscle will help her last longer in bed and have more explosive orgasms.
  5. Remain shallow When a man's penis enters a woman vagina, he needs to try and stay shallow versus thrusting deep inside. This is also beneficial for the female partner since the most sensitive nerve endings are near the vaginal entry.
  6. Be second When learning new sex tips for lasting longer in bed, men need to let the women go first. Let her have an orgasm, then the pressure is off to try and please her. Then the man can take his time and concentrate on his release and pleasure. When practicing sex tips for lasting longer in the bedroom, try this first.
  7. Medicate first If a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, this could be a reason for not lasting long in bed. So make sure to talk with a medical professional for a prescription to assist in the bedroom. This should be the final question when regarding sex tips for lasting longer in the bedroom. Make sure to pursue all other avenues before this one. 
  8. Back in the saddle If round one of making love is a bust, don't give up. Wait a short time, get her aroused again and start over. Some men don't realize it but the second time around is a good time to last longer and please her another time.
  9. Ride 'em cowgirl When the female partner is on top, the man is normally less stimulated, so let the woman ride high for as long as she can. By doing this, she gets longer pleasure and the man can please her more once the position changes. 
  10. Ignore it The more a man thinks about orgasms, whether it's trying to stop one or wonder if it'll happen, the more likely the orgasm will make an appearance. So the man should try concentrate on other aspects of the lovemaking to avoid an early release. 
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