10 Sexting Examples For Guys

If you are looking for some naughty message ideas, check out these 10 sexting examples for guys. Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages and pictures via text message. Sexting messages can be anything from flirty little suggestions to messages that are basically dirty talk via text. These are 10 sexting examples to help get you started.

  1. "I can’t stop thinking about how horny you make me." This is a good starter sexting example for guys. Using the word horny helps set the tone for where you want the conversation to go. It also lets her know she is on your mind.
  2. "I know what turns you on, and that’s all I can think about." This is another good starter sexting example for guys. It also can show that her needs are important to you. This is also a good sexting example that helps set her up for some naughty messages.
  3. "I’m naked." This is a very suggestive sexting example. Her response to can tell you how far you can go in the conversation. If the woman acts uncomfortable you can play this text off as a joke.
  4. "It may be hot outside, but it is only going to get hotter when you get here." This is a cute flirty sexting example for guys. After her response you can make some suggestions on how to make things hot. This sexting example also sets her up to be the one to start the sexting.
  5. "I keep touching myself and thinking about last night." This is a great sexting example for after you’ve had sex in real life. Sexting after having sex can help build intimacy. Messages like this are also are a good place to tell your partner things you want in the bedroom.
  6. "I can’t believe just thinking of you is making me want you this much." This sexting example is another good one for after having sex in real life. It has some of the same benefits as the sexting example in number five. It's not as graphic as the message in number five and would be best for a partner that might be shy about sexting.
  7. "You blew my mind last night." This is a sweet sexting example to leave the morning after. This example can set the stage of some sexting fun. It is also a good compliment.
  8. "What color panties are you wearing?” After she responds with the color ask her to prove it. This is a flirty sexting example for men. It can be seen as more playful and not just naughty.
  9. "I miss you so much. I need a pic." If she sends you a regular picture you can tell her that you miss other parts of her too. This example can start all kinds of sexting fun. Try building up to some of the more intimate parts of her body.
  10. "Tonight a hello kiss isn’t going to be enough. Start undressing now." After her response you can tell her what you want as a greeting. This is another naughty example that can also be played off as a joke if she seems bothered by the text. It's as flirty and fun.
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