10 Sexting Examples To Turn A Girl On

Using these 10 sexting examples to turn a girl on will have great rewards for any man. When sending sext messages to a girl of legal age and consent, make sure to know her first. Men don't want to be put into a position of possible legal issues from having fun and while looking for a potential sex partner.

  1. Hot enough– Make sure to tell her how hot she looks. Describe how her short skirt can be easily lifted up over her hips and make sure to use words like tantalizing she is with her tone legs. Women love hearing about how physical appearances turn other on.
  2. Have a special name– Women love having special nicknames from the men. Whether a boyfriend, a sexting partner or a man, showing some interest, as women thrive and get turned on when someone gives them a cute name only known to each other. 
  3. Say it with feeling– Make sure to add in the five senses when using sexting examples to turn a girl on. Tell her how hot her skin feels, tell her that her essence is vivid and she tastes great. 
  4. Thinking thoughts–  Always tell her your thoughts when sexting with a girl. Say "thinking about you", "you're on my mind" or "can't wait to see you again. Women get giddy with excitement knowing thoughts are always on her. This is a perfect sexting example to turn a girl on.
  5. Clothing optional– Use the old adage, "what are you wearing?". Chances are, she's not wearing what she texts back but once her creative mind starts, she'll give you a sexy description of clothing and this sexting will turn her on. Women like sharing sex talk with men and using imaginations to enhance appearances.
  6. Seeing is believing–  When looking for sexting examples to turn a girl on, use the line "can't wait to see you again". Women flush and get real turned on knowing a man can't wait till the next meeting. Planning the rendezvous and sexting thoughts will turn a girl on. Anticipation is key and a great reward for the actual meeting.
  7. Be gracious–  Always be thankful to her and let her know. If a great evening of sex just took place, let her know how much it was enjoyed. Remind he with little sexting quips like "the way you felt in my arms" or "I can still smell you on my sheets". 
  8. Be playful–  Keeping sexting on the playful side is easy when using this sexting examples to turn a girl on. Tell her how much fun was had when the bubble bath became extra soapy. 
  9. Picture perfect–  When sending sext messages to a girl to turn her on, send a picture instead of words. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  10. Be open–  Sexting someone makes it easier to share feelings, thoughts and sexual ideas, so take advantage of it. Be more adventurous with sexting examples to turn a girl on. Be aggressive and give details of how she'll feel when together. Tell her "can't wait to get you in the bedroom…if we even make it that far" or "I want to rip off your clothes as soon as we see each other".

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