10 Sexting Ideas

Everyone could use these 10 sexting ideas to help them spark the interest of their respective lady friends. The best sexting ideas are always born out of understanding the woman you're dealing with. Yes, while sending generic sexting messages can only get you so far, person specific sexting messages  can have you running from first to third base before you even see her. Sexting, along with any other form of erotic seduction always works better when you can strike a cord specific to the person you're communicating with. Or at least, have her think that it's person specific. Here are ten sexting ideas to help you on your way.

  1.  Talk about her clothes. Try sexting her about a specific outfit she wore that just blew your top. It'll show that you appreciate the efforts she makes to look good. Then describe how you'd like to rip her out of that outfit.
  2. Her body. This is a no-brainer. No matter how hot a woman is, she'll always have some sort of hangup with her body. Well find out what that is, and sext to her how much you love that specific spot.
  3. Nasty sexting. Sexting her about what you want to do with her is a good way to get her hot. Be creative. Send these particular sexting messages when she's in a meeting or  on lunch with her buddies. It'll catch her off guard.
  4. Appreciate her skills. Send her sexting messages about the things she's done to you in the past. Women like it when they know you like what it is they do. Make her seem like she's a sex goddess. She'll love it.
  5. New places. Sexting her about new places you'd like to get down in is a great idea. It'll get her mind wondering. Make sure to choose a place you know she'd like.
  6. New things. Sending her messages about new things you want to try with her in the bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter, is another way to get her going. Once again, make sure your sext messages are geared specifically towards her fantasies or her little sexual fetishes. The freakier the better.
  7. Your fantasies. This is an easy one. Simply include her in your freaky deaky fantasies via text message. See if you can get her to play along.
  8. Your feelings. Believe it or not, u can turn your woman on by openly expressing how you care about her via talking or texting. Dig down deep and go all poetic on her. Why would this be considered a "sexting" idea? Easy, watch what happens when you get home.
  9. Your future together. Describe how you want her around for a while. This is like the side kick sext message to your superhero "feelings" message. Yeah, it may not seem to be sexual in nature to you, but you'll get her all emotionally worked up. Emotions lead to actions. Good emotions lead to good actions. Think about it.
  10. The follow through. This is the most important of all the sexting ideas you'll receive. Make sure your sexting messages carry weight. All those little fantasies you've shared, all the things you want to do to her, mean absolutely nothing if you don't actually go through with them.
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